Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Funny Funny

The weird student in my class that eats pencil erasers got his head stuck in his jacket today. He had a pullover type jacket. He could not get his head through and was freaking out. It was pretty funny. Also the students had to write sentences with their spelling words. Their words are can, he, and she. They have to sound out the words they want to write themselves. One student brought his paper for me to check. He choose to write the sentence with the word can. His sentence was, "Can my mom go to the hood?" It was supposed to say, "Can my mom go to the house?" He had sounded out house and spelled it hood. It was really funny. Kids are funny.
Tonight I made lasagna. It was really good. We had it with salad. Sheldon may have to work on Saturday. I do not think that it fair. They work 5 days a week and I think they should get the weekend days off.

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