Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Best Dressed?!?

Sheldon helped Max get dressed over the weekend. I really love the white socks pulled up. It really makes an outfit.

He has also learned to drink out of a bottle and a cup with no lid.

He is growing up so big and is such a big boy.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Zoo Day!

Today I sent Sheldon off to work and went to the zoo with Kourtney and Andy.
The weather here was so nice and it was a perfect zoo day!

The boys had so much fun and were so good!

It is a good thing Max had a special "zoo" shirt to wear.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Appliqued Shirts

I have been sewing for a few weeks on and off. I am getting better and have come a long way. I can even sew now without sewing the front of the shirt to the back! ha!

I made Max this shirt today and I think it turned out really cute!
I have big plans for him to wear this to the zoo. Crocker will be getting a zoo shirt soon too!




Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun Filled Saturday

Today we went down to the Museum District and went to the Health Museum. The admission was free today and it was so crowded. We tried to go to the Children's Museum, but they were just too packed.

On the way, we stopped at Starbucks to get a drink.

Max was excited to get his strawberry frappuccino. He has had a couple before today and asks everyday for one.

He got a little bored on the ride to the museums and started making faces.

We went to the Health Museum and it was really neat.
They had over sized exhibits of all the body organs.

Max was able to go into the mouth and sit on a tooth.

He then moved on to play with the heart.

We saw the brain and an eye.

Max has had a lot of ear trouble, so I thought this was fitting.

You walked into this room and walked under the ribs. They are on the ceiling.

Scooby Doo was there and Max LOVES Scooby!

He also saw Jesse from Toy Story.

We came home and the boys took a nap. Then, we went for a ride in Sheldon's truck. This was the highlight of Max's day. He loves loves loves for Sheldon to take him for a ride!

Sheldon drove me to Hobby Lobby to get some fabric. I had a bottle of water and sat it beside Crocker. Of course, Max thought I was giving his brother something and wanted to hold the bottle. So, we decided to let each one of them hold the bottle for a little while and you would have thought Max had a gold bar. He did not want Crocker looking at him or reaching for the bottle when it was his turn. It was seriously so funny.

This picture really cracks me up. It was probably taken after Crocker reached for the bottle when it was Max's turn.

We had such a good day and we look forward to many more like today!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1st Day of School: Trial Run

Crocker went to Mother's Day Out today for a trial run. We have been talking about sending him to "school" 1 day a week, but wanted to see how everyone (mainly me) would do before we fully enrolled him.

He woke up this morning so happy to go to see his friends.

He seemed to be so excited to go to school.

Sheldon was off today and went with me to take him. Crocker went right to a toy and started playing. He was so happy and did not even look back at me.

I was another story. It was so hard to leave him and I cried off and on for awhile.
Luckily, Max's teacher told me I could text her anytime today to check on him. Every time I contacted her, he was doing great.

Sheldon and I were able to have a day date while the boys were at school.
We drove around and looked at houses.
Then we went to Borders, got apple cider and pumpkin spice cake, and looked at books.
After looking at books, we went to eat lunch.

Crocker had such a good day and was so excited when we picked him up. I am so thankful that he did good and had a good time.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Rainy Days

It has been raining where we live for a few days straight.

Max really likes to watch the rain.

It finally let up a little and Max was so happy to get outside.
He went "fishing" with his stick in the water puddle.


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