Thursday, December 19, 2013

Elementary Christmas Program

On Tuesday night, Max had his Christmas program at school. All the kids looked so cute and did great job!

 photo IMG_0693_zpse7669c23.jpg  photo IMG_0696_zpsc8b0a0f5.jpg  photo IMG_0699_zps129bb494.jpg  photo IMG_0715_zps570abe24.jpg

Just look for the kid that does not do any of the motions and just stands there like a log. That's Max!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Choir Program

Max's Christmas choir program at church was this morning. They have been practicing since school started and they did a great job. They played hand bells and had a little play. Max and his 2 best buddies were the 3 wise men. They looked so cute!  photo IMG_0646_zps2a57743a.jpg  photo IMG_0660_zps3fe07c3a.jpg  photo IMG_0651_zps5ca3057e.jpg After the program, we had a lunch. After lunch, Santa came for a visit!  photo IMG_0662_zps65b324b1.jpg  photo IMG_0666_zpsafc12e87.jpg  photo IMG_0671_zps0d0b4424.jpg  photo IMG_0673_zpsd852db46.jpg We had such a fun morning and are all ready for Christmas!

Friday, December 6, 2013


A couple weekends ago, the older boys went to a cowboy birthday party. It was out in the country at a ranch. They jumped on hay bales, rode horses, and Max did a little roping. The kids had so much fun just running around and playing.
 photo IMG_2287_zpse666e3a1.jpg  photo IMG_2286_zpscd356b29.jpg  photo IMG_2288_zps917c8558.jpg  photo IMG_2290_zps1a7de68b.jpg

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving. We decided not to travel, but to stay home and spend time together. I cooked a traditional lunch and we all enjoyed it! We played games, watched movies, colored, played outside, and went to the movies. Grandpa Mark came in for a few days and we all loved getting to visit with him!

 photo IMG_0599_zpsefb1f1f2.jpg

Max fixed our chalkboard door. It says, "Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and everyone in my family."
He does such a good job sounding out words and I love his spelling!

 photo IMG_2333_zps913aeaa4.jpg

They had a Pilgrim and Indian feast at school. They lined the hallways with tablecloths and the Pilgrims and Indians sat together and enjoyed a meal. Max's class were the Pilgrims. He was super disappointed at first because he wanted to be an Indian, but he was able to enjoy it anyway.

 photo IMG_2331_zpsffcca7a4.jpg

I was even able to talk Sheldon into taking the kids to see Frozen. It was such a cute cute movie!!! It was Eli's first movie and I think he was just there for the snacks. He ate popcorn, candy, and a sucker. He did so good and didn't even try to get out of his seat.
Crocker obviously did not want his picture taken. ha!

 photo IMG_2347_zps9329bfcd.jpg  photo IMG_2346_zpsd0a238fa.jpg

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


One of my boys favorite things to do is go hunting/shooting with their dad. Occasionally Eli and I will tag along, but they would much rather it be a "boys only" outing.

Both of the older boys are a pretty good shot and can handle a gun fairly well.

 photo IMG_2268_zps047c23aa.jpg

Crocker was so so excited to go coyote hunting one night with the big guys. They were not gone very long because someone couldn't be quiet.

(Eli wanted to go too and he was so so sad when they all left without him.)

  photo IMG_2274_zpsbb8af20a.jpg

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

All About Eli

Next month, Eli will be 2.
He is a spunky guy with a lot of personality. He is a daredevil and is usually right behind his brothers trying whatever tricks they are doing.
He loves apples and milk. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse and play with cars/trucks/anything with wheels. If it has wheels and he can push it, then he loves it. He also builds with blocks and has started doing a few puzzles.
His favorite past time is looking at the "baby" in the phone. I have dozens of pictures and video of his looking and talking to the baby.

 photo IMG_2341_zps90ba3d45.jpg  photo IMG_2306_zps5f76e4a0.jpg  photo IMG_2281_zps1eb2f194.jpg  photo IMG_2277_zps61557c62.jpg  photo IMG_2276_zps42003df0.jpg

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