Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trip to TN

Back in August, the boys and I drove to TN for a week. It was my 1st time driving there with just the boys and I. The boys all did so well and the trip went so smoothly.

My mom wanted to take some family pictures while we were there. It was tough getting 5 kids (age 5 and under) to sit still, look at the camera, and smile. We took a ton of pictures and there were several good ones.

 photo Pictures2013535_zps8988cdae.jpg  photo Pictures2013548_zps9e5b5afc.jpg

My mom and dad jumped in for a few pictures. They had to include a silly face and a sad face too.

 photo Pictures2013572_zpsd4d0bf9a.jpg  photo Pictures2013580_zps54d373d6.jpg  photo Pictures2013581_zpse1fe96f4.jpg  photo Pictures2013595_zps20aaedee.jpg  photo Pictures2013613_zpsd37ccfd2.jpg  photo Pictures2013649_zpsd2a2ae15.jpg  photo Pictures2013657_zps1c19879d.jpg

One of the main reasons we went to TN was for my mom's birthday. They had planned a Minnie Mouse party complete with costumes for the kids.

 photo Pictures2013684_zpscf3f0034.jpg

I love my mom's and Max's faces in this picture. My mom was so thrilled and Max was having the best time!

  photo Pictures2013686_zps95519f6d.jpg  photo Pictures2013687_zps5f985d29.jpg  photo Pictures2013691_zps78ea0d10.jpg  photo Pictures2013700_zps01199f9d.jpg

These two really enjoyed the party. Their expressions make me laugh!

 photo Pictures2013704_zps2bc79039.jpg  photo Pictures2013714_zps89aa02f9.jpg

We had the best time visiting with my parents. I didn't take near enough pictures, but I love these two. Crocker helped my dad make pizza one night. Eli enjoyed all the attention and kisses he got while we were there!

 photo Pictures2013726_zps34d7c821.jpg  photo Pictures2013730_zps72394f58.jpg

We are knee deep in school and various commitments that we have signed up for. We are missing the carefree days of summer and the ability to just pick up and go out of town. We are looking forward to out next visit!

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