Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Puzzle King

Max has really gotten into puzzles lately. I found this puzzle that I forgot to give him for Christmas last year and decided to pull it out. He really liked it and he was able to do it all on his own.
He can recognize about 90% of his letters, so this was also a good for reinforcement. He is starting to learn his letter sounds with the help of a Leap Frog dvd we borrowed from his teacher.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Picking Our Battles

I learned long ago that Max is one that I have to pick my battles with. He likes to pick out his own clothes and dress himself. I have learned to just go with the flow. If we are not going anywhere, I pretty much just let him do his thing.
We were going out yesterday and Max went to get his clothes on. He came out with this outfit on.

He did pretty good matching, but it was too hot to wear long sleeves. Don't you also love how he looks pretty good from the back??? We need to work on putting our clothes on the right way!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Zoo Day

We took the boys to the zoo on Saturday and had a blast. It ended up being a pretty hot day, so we had to cut our trip short.
Max was so so excited and could hardly wait until we got there.

They had a big dinosaur exhibit and Max was excited to see all the dinosaurs.

He was excited to see the dinosaurs until we got there and they roared and moved. Then, he was scared to death. It was the Rainforest Cafe all over again!

I love how tightly he is clinging to Sheldon. I guess he is afraid Sheldon will feed him to the dinosaur. haha

After we saw the dinosaurs, we went to the splash pad in the Children's Zoo. It was so hot, so we stripped Crocker down to his diaper to cool him down.

Max had a good time too. He was running, playing, and having a blast. Max is to the left of the lady and has on navy shorts.

We also had to stop by the carousel.

Max loves loves Toy Story. So when I saw these pj's for $3.00 I had to get them!


Saturday, August 28, 2010


Crocker loves Cheerios. He eats them with every meal. I guess this day he thought he might try a new flavor.


Busy Busy

We have been pretty busy these days.

Crocker is a wild man. He is a crawling machine and is into EVERYTHING. We cannot leave any doors open, or he is in the room reeking havoc. He is having to be gated these days and as you can tell, it does not bother him one bit.

Max is becoming quite the little helper. He has started to pick out his own clothes and do more around the house. He wanted to pull the trash can in the other day and Sheldon let him. He had to have a little help at the end, but he did a good job.

Max's teacher at school and I have become fast friends. She has a little boy 3 months younger than Max and they are in the same class. They play so good together and it is fun to get them together.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a pretty good weekend. Max and I made cupcakes on Friday. He is really good at pouring ingredients into the mix. He also likes to help the bowl spin and mix everything up.

Sheldon had to work for a while this weekend. The boys were all over him and so excited to see him when he got home.

Max is really into puzzles these days and is really good at them. It is really smart and has a logical mind like Sheldon. He can figure things out really quickly.

We went to church today and nothing thrills me more than dressing the boys alike! I think they look so cute.

Also, Sheldon and I have started to become more active in the church we attend. This week, they had sign ups for areas that you could volunteer. We each picked an area and are excited to serve in the church!


Friday, August 20, 2010


I took this picture while Crocker and I were sick. Max was so good and was content to watch movies and play in his playroom. Crocker occasionally crawled in there and Max would entertain him for me. They were being really quiet and I went to see what they were getting into. I saw them and snuck away to get my camera.

They saw me come in to take a picture. They were laying on Max's couch watching a movie together. It was so sweet.


Clapping and Such

Crocker has learned to clap and wave this week. He gets so tickled when he waves or claps and it is so cute.

Crocker is waving.

Crocker is clapping.



Last week we went on a playdate to the bounce house. Max had so much fun and played his little heart out!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun Times ?!?

I have a few things that I consider fun.
I like to take the boys to the zoo, that is fun.

Having your husband out of town for a week while you have a stomach virus, ummm yeah not so much fun.

It was especially exciting when I started feeling a little better and Crocker started throwing up and having an upset stomach.

I am on the mend and Crocker is feeling a little better today. Thankfully, Max has not caught it yet and I am praying he won't!


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