Friday, April 30, 2010

Not Much

There is not much going on with us.

Sheldon has been working close to home which has been nice. Max has been especially happy to see his daddy a lot the past few days.

Max is being a pistol. He is into everything. Today he unrolled an entire paper towel roll and then threw it all in the sink. He has been going to school and not taking his nap. It makes it nice for me because he is always so tired that he takes a nap on non school days. He found his new boots. They are a little too big, but he insists on wearing them. He wore them to school the other day and they fell off while he was going potty. He got off the potty and bent down to put his boot on. He lost his balance and fell into the potty. So, I have put his boots back up and he is NOT happy. His allergies are really acting up. His eyes are so red, watering all over the place, and has a runny nose. He is on Claritin and I HOPE it helps.

Crocker has allergies too. He is having breathing treatments and is miserable. He is whiny and just does not feel good. He is still smiling and looking cute though.

I am having allergy trouble too.

I am hoping we will all feel better soon!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bye Bye Grandpa Mark

Grandpa left today to go back to NM. We had such a fun time with him while he was here and we were so sad to see him go!

Max went to school today, so he said his goodbyes early.

Yes, Max has a new pair of boots. They are a little too big, so I had them in the closet. He found them and has been wearing them ever since.

Crocker got to have a little more play time at the airport.

Bye bye! See you this summer!


We had some time to kill at the airport today. Mark was playing with Crocker, so I decided to have Sheldon take a picture with me. I guess that was mistake #1. He hardly ever takes a picture with a serious face, so I guess I should have known what was coming. Every time I took one, I would go to look at it and he would have made the dumbest face. He kept telling me that he would be serious for the next one, but he is a liar!
Here are the pictures that I got.

He is actually laughing here because he was seriously cracking himself up!

I have no words for these next two. Seriously.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Grandpa's Visit- Day 4

Sheldon and Mark went out this morning to get the supplies to build a small bookshelf.

They got back and started to work.

They took a break for lunch and Max took a nap. When he got up, he went out to help. Grandpa decided to build him a sandbox and tree swing.

Crocker and I were outside supervising and relaxing. ha!

Max helped Sheldon stain the bookshelf.

Crocker played and had a big time.

After all that hard work, Max needed a snack and drink.

He found a cozy seat to finish his drink.

Then they started on the swing.

Max took a tumble off of it, but he LOVES it!

We all came inside so I could finish dinner. Grandpa fed Crocker for me.

Sheldon requested pot roast, carrots, onions, and mashed potatoes for his birthday dinner.

I made him a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, but forgot the candles.

This little guy loved the delicious cake!

Happy Birthday Sheldon!!!

My cute Sheldon turned 28 today. So this is for you babe. Thought I'd come up with 28 things I love about you. Not a difficult task. :)

1) I love your sarcasm...even though most of the time I pretend to ignore it.

2) I love that you enjoy a good chick flick even more than I do.

3) I love your laugh. It's simply infectious.

4) I love that you are such a hard worker.

5) I love that after we fight about something you are always so quick to apologize for whatever you feel was your part in the disagreement.

6) I love that you are such a great people person and can strike up a conversation with anyone. You always make people feel at ease.

7) I love that you can fall asleep so easily...anyplace...anytime...anywhere.

8) I love how loyal you are to your friends.

9) I love that you work so hard to make me happy.

10) I love that you always put others' needs before your own.

11) I love the way you make me feel. That when you come home from work and I look like an exhausted mommy, you still tell me how hot I am.

12) I love that you are so incredible with directions and finding your way around anywhere we go. This talent of yours comes in especially handy since it's an area in which I lack any skill.

13) I love that you are such a researcher. We don't buy or do anything without you doing your research.

14) I love that you are such a good son and son-in-law. You make our parents so proud.

15) I love that you are so smart when it comes to computers. You always know the answer.

16) I love that you are so supportive of me in whatever I'm doing.

17) I love your calf muscles.

18) I love that I know you'd rather be with me than anyone else.

19) I love that you start dancing with me in the kitchen while I am cooking.

20) I love that you let Max "help" you with whatever you are working on.

21) I love that you will eat my cooking, even if it is nasty.

22) I love that you recognize having 1 can of diet coke in the house could be the start of a national emergency and you go to the store to get more.

23) I love that you are starting to look for a new song to play on your guitar.

24) I love that you have such a good sense of humor.

25) I love that you like to spend time with the boys.

26) I love that you load the boys in the car whenever we/I leave to go somewhere and you unload them when we get home.

27) I love that you like to play games with me. I know how you hate to lose at scrabble and boggle. :)

28) I love that I'm on number 28 and it would be so easy to keep going....

Love you the most babe. Happy Birthday!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grandpa's Visit- Day 3

We had a big fun filled day today. We woke up and went to church. Then we went to the zoo!

As part of the Earth day celebration, they had animals walking around that you could get your picture taken with.
Max really liked the dolphin.

They had different booths set up with kid friendly activities.

We went to the sea lion show.

Then we went to the children's zoo.

Max and Grandpa rode the carousel.

Then we went to see the elephants. Max was really wanting to see the baby elephant today.

Next was the giraffes. They come in a close second to the elephants for Max.

We went into the reptile room. Here is a picture of 2 pythons.

We came home and took a nap. Then we went to Galveston Island to eat dinner. We ate at a seafood place. Max thought it was okay. He really enjoyed going to Ben and Jerry's afterward.

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