Thursday, June 28, 2007

OB Appointment

My appointment with the OB specialist is July 10. They are going to try to work me in sooner, but who knows. Keep us in your prayers. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Updates on Baby and Sheldon

The doctor's office called me yesterday about the baby. When my due date changed, they had to redo my triple screen test. It came back abnormal. They are sending me to an OB specalist for more testing and a detailed ultrasound. Hopefully everything will work out. Please pray for the baby.

Sheldon called today and he is doing good. They have been working 14 hour days, so he only talked a minute. Hopefully things will get better for him.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Popcorn and the Groomer

I took Popcorn to get groomed on Friday. He needed a haircut so badly. I have to keep him shaved here in TN because of all the ticks. They are easy to spot on him because he is white, but so much easier when his hair is short.
I dropped him off and me and my Aunt ran some errands. I picked him up and he was so cute. He had red bows in his hair. Sheldon would have died if he was here to see it. Obviously they could tell that he was a boy. I guess they thought he was cuter in bows.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

OB Appointment

I went to the doctor today to get my ultrasound. (Mark you can read this.)
I am having a...........

BABY! yep. I have no idea if it is a girl or boy. It was turned the wrong way. They took alot of measurements and I was in there for 1 hour. The baby would not turn over. We jiggled my belly and I walked around and layed back down. Baby Hoesli would not cooperate.
I have to go back next month for another ultrasound because my placenta is really low. They think I might have placenta previa. I hope I do not because I would have to have a c-section.
According to the measurements, I am 24 weeks. This moved my due date up to October 6.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Trip to Franklin

On Saturday, my mom, aunt, and I went on a road trip. We went to Franklin, or Nashville, to visit an old friend. She used to live across the street from my grandparents. My mom and aunt grew up with her children. We had a good visit and it was fun to see her.
While we were in town, we met up with my friend Jessica from college. She has a 9 month old baby, Levi. He is so cute and smiles all the time. It was really fun to play with him. My mom and aunt were loving it. They cannot wait for "M" to get here. It made me a little sad though. Levi is the age "M" will be when Sheldon comes home for good.


Popcorn is still so cute. He thinks that he is human. Probably because I treat him that way. I hope he can adjust okay when the baby comes. The other day he ate a little babana pudding. He had it all in his beard. haha

He is going on Friday to get another haircut. He had one about a month ago, but his hair is growing so fast. I wish I could keep his hair fluffy, but there are too many tick here. They are easier to spot on him when his hair is shaved. I hope this time he doesn't growl at the lady when she tries to trim his beard. haha


Wow. It has been awhile since I have written and updated.

1. I am feeling alot better. After I got out of the hospital, I was sick on and off for a few days. I am feeling much better now.

2. I go for an ultrasound tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that the baby is positioned right and I find out what it is. After Sheldon calls and I tell him, I can tell everyone else.

3. Sheldon called today. He is doing good. He was tired from working so much. He is still working out 4 days a week. He hurt a muscle in his back, but it is feeling much better.

4. My aunt (my mom's sister) moved to Jackson. She moved into a house that is directly behind my parents. It has been really fun having her so close. They are getting a bridge built in the backyard to go over the ditch. Then, we will be able to walk over instead of drive.

5. I start school on July 3. I am taking one class. It meets 2 days a week for 4 weeks. Hopefully it will not be hard.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Night in the Hospital

Last night I had to go to the hospital. I had severe cramping and hurting in my lower abdomen. After about 1 hour I called my doctor. She said come to the hospital and go straight to labor and delivery. When I got there, they hooked up me and the baby to monitor for a few hours. They ran some tests and did an exam on me. They decided that I was having ligament pain. I am glad that's all it was.
I am still hurting off and on today. Not nearly as bad as last night. hopefully it will get better soon.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Birthday Party

On Saturday we had my birthday party at Outback. It was really fun. Here are some pictures.

Dig to Iraq

I told Popcorn that he could dig to Iraq and see his daddy. This is what he did.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Trip to Memphis

Last night, we all went to Memphis. Popcorn went too. My brother in law had to work late, so we picked up my sister when we got to Memphis. She has a puppy and him and Popcorn love to play together.
Popcorn sat in the back with my mom. I turned around one time and this what I saw.

He had poked his head through the hole in the head rest to see me. It was really funny.
We went and picked up my sister. Then, we went to eat dinner. We went to the Olive Garden. Here we are at dinner.

Then, we went to the mall. We did a little shopping at Motherhood Maternity. I was able to pick out a few tops. Now, the pictures I send Sheldon will not be rotated out shirts. There will be a little variety.
When we were walking through the mall, this is what my sister and I saw while walking behind my parents. Aren't they cute.

We had a really good time. It was kinda weird to have just the original Osborn's together for my birthday. We missed Sheldon and Brent, but it was good to spend time with just the four of us.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Post Office

Hey! Megan just sent me this in an email. It is free packing supplies to families of the military. I just ordered one and it was really easy. They send you enough stuff to send 8 packages. Just follow the directions. All you need is the APO of the soldier. Not the whole address, just the APO. Then, you just give you your information. They will ship it to you and you get it in 7-10 days. They will also give you a code over the phone, so when you need more just call and give the code.

Since Priority Mail® service supplies are the packaging of choice for families preparing care packages for service members overseas, the USPS® has created a "Mili-kit" based on the items most frequently requested by the military.

The kit contains:
Three (3) each of flat rate boxes O-FRB1 and O-FRB2
Two (2) each of Cube boxes OBOX7
Address labels - Label # 228 8 each
Address labels - Label # 106-A 1 each
Customs FORM 2976-A 8 EA.
Customs FORM 2976-E 8 EA.

The kit may be requested by calling 1-800-610-8734 (Packing Supply) and:
Choose your language (1 is English, 2 is Spanish).
Choose option 1 (it states it is for Express Mail® service, Priority Mail or Global Express Guaranteed®).
When you reach a live agent, request CAREKIT04.
Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.
Note: These are free supplies, postage must be affixed.
Additionally, you can find guidelines for packing, addressing, and shipping items to U.S. troops at

Popcorn's Tricks

So, I am wanting to teach Popcorn to do some tricks. We just need to perfect them by November when Sheldon comes home. I want him to be really impressed. Popcorn is getting really good at fetch. I want him to learn to shake, but we have not started that yet. My dad has been trying to teach him how to sit. Popcorn has not been cooperating. We will just have to work harder.

New Glasses

Here are my new glasses.

Happy Birthday to Me...

I am officially 24. Wow.
It is pouring down rain and we are under severe weather warnings. That kinda puts a damper on all the partying. My mom took me out to lunch. We are going to Memphis later to do some shopping.
Tomorrow my aunt is coming down and we are all going to the movies. We are going to go see Knocked Up. (Man, a movie about me haha)
Then, we are off to Outback for my party. My mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousins, sister, and brother-in-law will all be there. Only Sheldon will be missing.
Sheldon called today to wish me a Happy Birthday, so that was a good present! He is doing good, so I was glad of that. He has been working out, so he will be buff when he comes home. I may not even recognize him. haha.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


I have a few updates to report.

1. I got a job. I am going to be doing book keeping at the tutoring center that I have worked at on and off for years. I am just going to work a few hours a week. Just enough to get out for a little while. I was supposed to do a little work tomorrow, but since it is my birthday I will start next week sometime.

2. Popcorn has learned to play fetch. He is so cute!

3. Sheldon is doing good. He misses home alot, so please continue to pray for him. He was supposed to have Internet today, but he still does not. Who knows when that will ever happen.

4. I go on Monday at 10 to set up my schedule for the next 18 months and figure out which classes I need to take.

5. I go to the doctor Tuesday at 8. Hopefully, they will do an ultrasound. I am DYING to know what we are having!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

21 Weeks

Baby M's Clothes

I was looking online and ran into

I bought these 2 outfits for Baby M.


Uncle Mel brought me these pretty flowers. They came for his wife, but she is out of town. So, he brought them to me because he thought they might cheer me up.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Popcorn's Conversation

Popcorn is so funny after he has a bath. He likes to talk to me. You need sound turned up really loud to hear him.

Sheldon's Career

I think Sheldon has picked his career for when he gets out of the Army.

He may not decide to go through with being a Highway Patrolman, but at least he has got the sunglasses for it.

Play Date

Popcorn had a play date today. My brother-in-law was up for an Associated Press Award. My sister and him brought their puppy, Wrigley, for my mom to baby sit. Him and Popcorn had a great time playing together.

Friday, June 1, 2007


The certification officer from Austin Peay called me today. She was submitting paperwork to the state to send out teacher licenses. When I filled out my paperwork, I forgot to sign it. She had to email me another copy to fill out, sign, and send in. I should have my license in about 2 months.
In other news, my pink eye/ eye infection is getting better. I woke up with clear eyes. I am really wanting to wear my contacts, but I am going to hold off until Sunday.
Sheldon is doing good. He said that it has not been under 100 degrees at all. He is getting used to it. They are still waiting for Internet. Hopefully next week they will have it.

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