Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sleepover Fun

Max and Crocker both had sleepovers this weekend. Crocker went over to his best friends house and they had a blast. He didn't want to come home!
   photo IMG_0131.jpg photo IMG_0138.jpg  photo IMG_0137.jpg  photo IMG_0136.jpg  photo IMG_0135.jpg

Max had his best friend over. They have been friends for a long time and we are going to miss him when we move!
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Boy Scout Promotion

Max had his Boy Scout promotion ceremony over the weekend. He graduated from a Tiger to a Wolf. He has worked hard all year and we are so proud of him.
   photo IMG_0147.jpg photo IMG_0144.jpg  photo IMG_0145.jpg Sheldon was the den leader for the Tiger Cubs and was able to present them all with their Wolf things.  photo IMG_0149.jpg  photo IMG_0150.jpg  photo IMG_0151.jpg  photo IMG_0153.jpg

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break 2015

The boys were on Spring Break last week. Sheldon took a few days off work and we loaded everyone up and went to Albuquerque to visit. We drove go carts, played putt putt, played games and had a blast. The highlight of the week for Eli was riding the little carousel. Sheldon and I even snuck away for a night. I don't think anyone missed us! We had a blast and cannot wait to go back!!

   photo IMG_0071_zpsnjerktbc.jpg photo IMG_0073_zpspaquxbji.jpg  photo IMG_0077_zps2w1d8biy.jpg  photo IMG_0078_zpsn38eab1e.jpg  photo IMG_0080_zpsn8vu1gho.jpg  photo IMG_0081_zps0ovguwgk.jpg  photo IMG_0082_zpsvqu3o66r.jpg  photo IMG_0083_zpsozxsyyju.jpg  photo IMG_0084_zpsflt7pazj.jpg  photo IMG_0085_zpstvwe0bvw.jpg  photo IMG_0086_zpsdpix7kpt.jpg  photo IMG_0087_zps0mpfys4m.jpg  photo IMG_0089_zpshfj48iin.jpg  photo IMG_0091_zpsyddhm2n7.jpg  photo IMG_0093_zpsasugpnay.jpg  photo IMG_0095_zpswdrioipu.jpg  photo IMG_0100_zpsspgeghv6.jpg  photo IMG_0104_zpsav5neidp.jpg  photo IMG_0108_zpsszivp0yu.jpg  photo IMG_0109_zpswkj2yvgr.jpg

Monday, February 23, 2015

Pine Wood Derby 2015

Max participated in his 1st Pine Wood Derby on Saturday. For the past several weeks, him and Sheldon have been working on his car. Max finished up the painting last week and they got it put together just in time for the race.

   photo IMG_0012_2_zpsf1271f52.jpg photo IMG_0031_2_zps4b9a2e4e.jpg  photo IMG_0013_2_zps70eb0141.jpg  photo IMG_0019_zpse75bcaf7.jpg  photo IMG_0014_2_zps975f3da7.jpg  photo IMG_0016_zps8cf22fe8.jpg

 Max won 2nd place in the Cub Scout division and we were so thrilled for him!!

   photo IMG_0033_2_zps5bee4821.jpg photo IMG_0037_2_zpsd219d280.jpg

Snow Day Fun

Yesterday we woke up to snow and ice. They cancelled church, so we got the kids ready and took them sledding. We went to the school for the kids to slide down the big hills. Then we hooked up their sled to Sheldon's truck and drove them around in the grass. They had a blast!! We came home and warmed up with hot chocolate and played and watched movies the rest of the day.

 photo IMG_0043_2_zps51844139.jpg  photo IMG_0044_2_zpsb785ab5a.jpg  photo IMG_0041_2_zpsed5d0c75.jpg  photo IMG_0040_2_zps7a78aafa.jpg  photo IMG_0045_2_zps57adfc1e.jpg  photo IMG_0046_2_zpsc48703bc.jpg

Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Fun

We spent the weekend in the city a couple of weekends ago. We have been talking about moving, so we went to look at houses. The kids got haircuts while we were there.

   photo IMG_4408_zpsa1fe2a31.jpg photo IMG_4409_zpse9e227f0.jpg

 After looking at houses, we took the kids bowling. We bowled, played games, and Max did the high ropes.

   photo IMG_4411_zpsd23c22e9.jpg photo IMG_4412_zpsf4863158.jpg  photo IMG_4414_zps2a27e2be.jpg  photo IMG_4415_zpsea02dda9.jpg  photo IMG_4416_zps1e9a8529.jpg  photo IMG_4417_zpsbd6b0ddf.jpg  photo IMG_4418_zpsd7f44179.jpg  photo IMG_4419_zps0e8b037d.jpg  photo IMG_4420_zps628fce31.jpg  photo IMG_4421_zps84d0d34b.jpg  photo IMG_4423_zpsafe3987a.jpg  photo IMG_4424_zpsbdcedc25.jpg  photo IMG_4425_zpsa6842bbc.jpg  photo IMG_4430_zps03eacc4d.jpg

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