Saturday, May 20, 2017

Eli is 5!!

In January, Eli turned 5. He is such a sweet, friendly boy and he brings so much joy to our lives!

Dodgeball Tournament

In the Spring, all the boys participated in their school Dodgeball Tournament.

Max's team was The Dodgers.

Crocker's team was The Roastin Hot Dogs. They ended up coming in 2nd place in their age division.
Eli's team was The Super Dodgers.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Wrestling 2016

The boys have decided to give wrestling a try for the winter season. All 3 boys are on the team and practice. Max and Crocker have decided to give tournaments a try as well. Their first tournament was this weekend and they loved it. We had no clue how they would do, our only rule was that they weren't allowed to just give up during a match. If they won- fine and if they lost- fine. Just no quitting. They surprised us all and both placed top 4 in their weight class and earned medals.

   photo IMG_3630.jpg

Boys all warming up.
   photo IMG_3633.jpg

Max in blue sitting down with his coach getting some last minute instruction.

 photo IMG_3631.jpg

 Crocker on top in maroon.
   photo IMG_3636.jpg photo IMG_3637.jpg  photo IMG_3641.jpg

 Max placed 3rd out of 7 in the 105 weight class.
   photo IMG_3650.jpg

Crocker placed 4th out of 16 in the 49 weight class.
   photo IMG_3652.jpg photo IMG_3653.jpg

Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween 2016

The weekend before Halloween, I went to a costume party with some friends. Sheldon was out of town, so I made a girls night out of it. The boys had fun at class parties, dressing up for the school parade, going to the church festival, and trick or treating.

   photo IMG_3499.jpg photo IMG_3500.jpg  photo IMG_3533.jpg  photo IMG_3534.jpg  photo IMG_3535.jpg  photo IMG_3536.jpg  photo IMG_3538.jpg  photo IMG_3541.jpg  photo IMG_3551.jpg  photo IMG_3552.jpg  photo IMG_3553.jpg  photo IMG_3555.jpg  photo IMG_3560.jpg  photo IMG_3561.jpg

Fall Fun

We have been busy this fall. Football ended and the boys started wrestling.

   photo IMG_3563.jpg
 photo IMG_3571.jpg  photo IMG_3330.jpg

 Max spent the night with a friend and went to a baseball game.
   photo IMG_3166.jpg photo IMG_3164.jpg

 We went to the hunting expo and had a blast.
   photo IMG_3334.jpg photo IMG_3335.jpg  photo IMG_3336.jpg  photo IMG_3337.jpg  photo IMG_3339.jpg  photo IMG_3343.jpg  photo IMG_3340.jpg  photo IMG_3338.jpg  photo IMG_3342.jpg  photo IMG_3341.jpg  photo IMG_3344.jpg  photo IMG_3345.jpg

 We worked on school projects.
   photo IMG_3200.jpg photo IMG_3324.jpg  photo IMG_3326.jpg  photo IMG_3327.jpg

 We had friends over and went to the school carnival.
 photo IMG_3496.jpg
 photo IMG_3488.jpg  photo IMG_3322.jpg  photo IMG_3315.jpg

We had fun at the movies.
   photo IMG_3589.jpg

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