Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

We have had the best Easter weekend. Sheldon has been home and my mom has been visiting. The kids are really enjoying her being here with us.

We went to church this morning and then we have had a low key day at home. We had to take a few pictures this morning with everyone dressed up.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Party 2014

The boys had their annual Easter party today. They ate snacks, did a craft, hunted eggs, and played with their friends. It was a very successful day!

 photo IMG_0851_zps8150e624.jpg  photo IMG_0857_zps978ae3ad.jpg  photo IMG_0858_zpsa232e7c3.jpg
Max decorated the chalk door.

 photo IMG_0850_zpsee97da1a.jpg
These boys were super excited! Crocker was convinced that it was his birthday party and was a little disappointed that I didn't have a birthday shirt for him to wear.

 photo IMG_0862_zps5e83f43f.jpg  photo IMG_0863_zpse5c0ba6a.jpg  photo IMG_0864_zps05b56054.jpg  photo IMG_0865_zpsf32ae4d3.jpg  photo IMG_0866_zpsdd889543.jpg  photo IMG_0867_zps3c7f26b0.jpg  photo IMG_0868_zps9b662f58.jpg  photo IMG_0873_zpse2067816.jpg  photo IMG_0874_zpsa023a5b5.jpg  photo IMG_0875_zps62672eb5.jpg
It was a great party and we cannot wait until next year!

 photo IMG_0876_zps47522b1d.jpg

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Sheldon has been super busy at work and has been traveling. He has had to become good at juggling work and family. The kids are always so excited when he comes home!

 photo IMG_3058_zpsb3e443a5.jpg  photo IMG_3062_zps7c4dba49.jpg

He likes to take Crocker and Eli out while Max is at school. They go and do "man stuff" and it usually ends with lunch out!

 photo IMG_2997_zpsda8e58e6.jpg  photo IMG_3065_zps07f688d2.jpg

He went hunting a couple of weekends ago and he brought home a pig. Of course the kids had to watch/help him cut up the meat.

 photo IMG_2992_zps14331364.jpg  photo IMG_2993_zps77d775a8.jpg
While Dad's away, the kids fill their time with games, toys, playdough, and car rides to Sonic!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Little Hunter

Sheldon and Max went turkey hunting over the weekend. It was youth season in Kansas, so they went to visit family and go hunting. Sheldon was out of town all week for work, so I met him with Max so he wouldn't have to come all the way home and get him. The kids were super excited to eat at Ihop and spend the night in a hotel.

 photo IMG_3092_zps8c8b7ba9.jpg  photo IMG_3094_zpsf23079b6.jpg

Saturday morning, the hunters were on their way.

 photo IMG_3096_zps893b8000.jpg
Max was super excited to go hunting and he was even more excited that he got his 1st turkey!

 photo IMG_3099_zpsf2f9efaf.jpg  photo IMG_3100_zpscc91499f.jpg  photo IMG_3101_zps46170018.jpg


We have officially entered Spring in our neck of the woods and I could not be happier! The big boys are all signed up for soccer and the 1st practice is this week. They are super super excited and cannot wait! The kids are playing outside all the time and I am excited not to have freezing cold temperatures.

While Max is at school, the little boys have been playing outside and having picnics.

 photo IMG_3029_zpsf17d7020.jpg

They love to ride in the truck.

 photo IMG_3031_zps728eacdc.jpg

Crocker had to grab his gun and go "dove hunting". He rode up and down the street looking for doves. He would stop and shoot whenever he saw one.

 photo IMG_3035_zpsb6b8cd49.jpg  photo IMG_3036_zpsf6afe984.jpg  photo IMG_3037_zps1339448b.jpg

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Max had Spring Break last week. We went to Albuquerque to visit Grandpa and for Sheldon to go to a couple meetings. We had fun going to the zoo, aquarium, shopping, going to the movies, and spending time with Grandpa and Mrs. Julie.

  photo IMG_2902_zpsc18d03cd.jpg  photo IMG_2927_zps877b6433.jpg  photo IMG_2929_zpsb17b137c.jpg

My boys think nothing is greater than riding the hotel carts. They could ride them all day.

 photo IMG_2932_zpsfdbd63b9.jpg

We spend a lot of time with Grandpa, Mrs. Julie, and Mrs. Emmie. The kids played Legos, puzzles, and had fun!

 photo IMG_2956_zps7511e799.jpg  photo IMG_2957_zps42ee8a4d.jpg

We met a long time blog reader. Hi Mrs. Linda!! She was so sweet and it was super fun to meet her!

 photo IMG_2935_zps1e5d3ec6.jpg  photo IMG_2933_zps68faa91a.jpg

Grandpa went with us to the zoo and the aquarium. We rode the train from the aquarium to the zoo and then back. The kids loved it!

 photo IMG_2937_zps63020320.jpg  photo IMG_2942_zps14521fdb.jpg  photo IMG_2943_zpsc1bd3995.jpg  photo IMG_2944_zps01575bc5.jpg

The kids helped Grandpa plant a garden. They are excited to see pictures and watch the progress.

 photo IMG_2960_zps006302e7.jpg  photo IMG_2962_zps14cb561e.jpg  photo IMG_2963_zps8f2739e9.jpg  photo IMG_2967_zps73d6bea3.jpg

We were gone for 5 nights and we were glad to come back home. I think Popcorn was the happiest of anyone!

 photo IMG_2976_zpsb110b80c.jpg  photo IMG_2978_zpsa5c28d44.jpg
Oh and Sheldon got an awesome (NOT!) souvenir from Old Town Albuquerque.

 photo IMG_2952_zpsd2dd6961.jpg

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