Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moving Day

We have been planning this move for awhile and the day is finally here. Over the next two days, the moving company will pack our house up and load the truck with all of our belongings. We are not set to close on our house until mid April.
The boys and I will be heading to TN. Sheldon is going to be traveling back and forth from Shreveport to the Panhandle working.

We are excited, anxious, and nervous as we set out on our new adventure! Please say a prayer for us that things will go smoothly and every detail will fall into place.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Missing Daddy

Crocker is really into Sheldon these days. He asks for him when he wakes up, talks about him all day long, and wants to see him. Occasionally, Sheldon is still home when Crocker wakes up for the day. Crocker will follow him around while he is getting ready and then cry at the door when he leaves. It is pitiful.

On this day, Sheldon got to come home early and was here when Crocker woke up from his nap. To say he was thrilled would be an understatement.

On the rare day off that he gets, Sheldon is good about taking the boys out to do something fun. He decided to take Max on a date and go fishing. Max wanted Crocker to go too, so they went fishing and to the park to play.

I think the boys were just a little excited.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


My boys love graham crackers. I am not so fond of them because they make a huge mess with all the crumbs they leave behind.
I found the perfect solution. I take graham crackers for the boys when we go to the store.
The boys get their graham cracker fix, I have no mess to clean up, and I can shop in peace.

It's a win win for everyone... well except for the people that work at whatever store we are at. I'm sorry in advance.


Over the weekend, we took the boys to the "rodeo". I use the term rodeo loosely because the rodeo wasn't really going on when we were there. We really went to the fair that was in the same vicinity as the rodeo.

Max was especially thrilled to go to the rodeo. I made the boys a couple of rodeo-ish shirts. Max topped off his outfit with his cowboy hat and boots.

We got there and paid $20 to park a mile away. That should have been a sign of things to come, but off we went.

We got there and Max started begging to ride a ride. He really wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel, but he was too short. He had to settle for a pirate ride.

Crocker was a little jealous that he could not ride.

Sheldon bought us a couple of hot dogs, a funnel cake, and then we headed home.

Max was worn out and quickly fell asleep.

This little guy was able to keep us entertained for the ride home.

Friday, March 18, 2011


My boys, especially Max, loves pirates. He goes around all day saying, "arr matey" and "yo ho ho".

They love to watch Jake.

They loved to play pirates.
(I found a tutorial for the vests here.)

They just need a couple of hooks and swords to be real pirates!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting Older

Max is now 3 years old and Crocker is 17 months.

I like to write down things that they are doing/saying as a journal for our family.

Max has really been enjoying his school work. He has master letter recognition, 2/3 of his letter sounds, colors, all shapes, and counting. He is still working on number recognition. He is writing letters and learning how to identify beginning sounds of words. He has also started learning the pre-primer sight words.
He loves to do puzzles, color with markers, and has really started being interested in drawing. He has a small doodle pad that he loves to write letters on.
He is a bundle of energy and loves to play outside. He is so good at riding his bike and can go so fast!
He loves to drink chocolate milk (2/3 white milk and 1/2 chocolate milk) and eat fruit especially cuties. He is so good at peeling them.
His favorite show is Jake and the Neverland Pirates and had me make him a pirate vest and hat! (luckily I found a pattern online at dana-made-it.com)
He loves the colors orange and green.
He does his chores with no complaining. He puts up his and Crocker's bowls/cups from the dishwasher and puts the silverware in the drawer, puts his dirty clothes in the laundry, makes his bed, and picks up his playroom.
He has stopped napping everyday. He will usually nap about 1-2 times a week. The other days he has "quiet time" in his room and looks at books in his bed.
He tells me that I am his "girlfriend". Ha!
He dresses himself everyday. I lay out the clothes I want him to wear and he completely dresses himself down to his socks and shoes.

Crocker is still into everything. I think sometimes he just roams around the house looking for something to get into.
He still likes to play in the sink.
He is learning the parts of his body (arm, leg, etc.) He has started learning his colors.
He can say a lot of words. He uses more, car, cup, dada, and please/thank you the most.
He loves Sheldon and asks for him the minute he wakes up. He watches him leave in the mornings and then cries at the door when he is gone.
He likes to watch Mickey Mouse and will watch it for a few minutes.
He loves to eat bananas and graham crackers.
He likes to color with markers like Max and is not happy if I give him crayons.
He is content to roll cars along the floor and usually has at least 1 in his hand during the day.
He has started climbing into the toy box, sitting on all of the toys, and playing.

Sheldon and I laugh so hard at night talking about the things that the boys have done/said during the day. They are truly the light of our lives and our precious babies!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I am constantly trying to find new and fun activities for the boys. Crocker loves loves to play in the sink. I fill it just a little with water. Then, I put in cups and sponges.
He will stand up on his chair for as long as you let him. He pours water from the cups into the sink and squeezes the water out of the sponges.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Strawberry Picking

The local strawberry patch recently opened for the season. We went over the weekend to pick a few strawberries.

Max did a good job.

Crocker picked a few too!

My 1st few attempts of a picture of the boys didn't quite work, so Sheldon stepped in to help!

We had a good time and got a bucket of yummy berries!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Week

We are getting ready to move and our schedule has been pretty relaxed. The school work has eased up and doing more activities.

Max has really been interested in drawing. He loves to use markers and sit and draw.
He drew a picture of Sheldon and I.
I think he did pretty good. He missed our arms, but he got Sheldon's hat!

I made Max another outfit. I made the shorts and design on the shirt. I even made the t shirt into a short sleeved!

Crocker causes havoc wherever he goes. He likes to play in the sink with the sponges and bottle brush.

I have started gating the boys in the playroom for a little while each day, usually when I am cooking dinner. This is how they "play". Max brings his toys to the gate and Crocker usually stands up and cries. This day he was taking a break from crying to watch Max.

We went to the museum today and the boys really enjoyed it. It had a big aquarium. They love animals, so I knew this would be so fun for them.

We went to the park after the museum and played for a little while.

Max is all boy and every puddle he came to, he would have to splash in it. He is sitting down in the picture because his foot got wet. He took his shoe off to dry his foot off.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Clothes

My days have been filled with chasing the boys, playing with cars/blocks, and sewing. I have been able to whip up a couple of pairs of summer pants for the boys and applique a couple shirts for Crocker's shorts.
My big model did really well.

Please excuse the shirt, but the pants are blue and white seersucker.

The littlest model would not stay still.

So, we just decided he would lay down for the photos.

Crocker has a pair of seersucker pants too, but I was not up to chasing him down to change him again!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Life Lately

We have not been very busy at our house. The boys have enjoyed playing with their Daddy and playing outside.
Max really enjoyed helping Sheldon mow the yard the other day.

They have been making messes and coloring.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finishing Up Our Trip

Max has quite the collection of hotel room keys. We stayed in 4 different hotels while we were on our trip. The boys loved to catch a ride on the luggage cart every morning.

Sheldon and Max at the OK state line.

We had some time to kill next day, so we spent a few hours at the park.

The boys enjoyed a picnic lunch.

Sheldon even got in a little play time.

Sheldon and Max played swords.

We went to dinner that night and Crocker had his 1st taste of Sprite.

I think he liked it! He quickly went in for a 2nd drink.

We were able to stop through Ft. Worth on our drive home and meet my aunt for lunch. It was nice to visit and catch up.

We are back home and glad to get back into our normal routine.

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