Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Week

We are getting ready to move and our schedule has been pretty relaxed. The school work has eased up and doing more activities.

Max has really been interested in drawing. He loves to use markers and sit and draw.
He drew a picture of Sheldon and I.
I think he did pretty good. He missed our arms, but he got Sheldon's hat!

I made Max another outfit. I made the shorts and design on the shirt. I even made the t shirt into a short sleeved!

Crocker causes havoc wherever he goes. He likes to play in the sink with the sponges and bottle brush.

I have started gating the boys in the playroom for a little while each day, usually when I am cooking dinner. This is how they "play". Max brings his toys to the gate and Crocker usually stands up and cries. This day he was taking a break from crying to watch Max.

We went to the museum today and the boys really enjoyed it. It had a big aquarium. They love animals, so I knew this would be so fun for them.

We went to the park after the museum and played for a little while.

Max is all boy and every puddle he came to, he would have to splash in it. He is sitting down in the picture because his foot got wet. He took his shoe off to dry his foot off.

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Granny Kaye said...

Love the pictures!! You are such a good mama!!

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