Sunday, March 24, 2013

2nd Annual Easter Party

This past Friday, the boys had their annual Easter Party. Since Max is in school, Crocker and Eli hosted the party.
We invited 12 of their friends and were really surprised that all of them were able to come. I forgot to take pictures the morning of, so I tried to do it quickly during the party.
We served sausage rolls and a variety of fruit. We had different flavors of milk, apple juice, and water to drink.
  photo IMG_0769_zpsd1974d6d.jpg  photo IMG_0770_zps4aa9dbb7.jpg

After everyone ate, they put together a little craft.  All the kids thought the bunny headbands were the funniest thing ever!

 photo IMG_0773_zps0f14af16.jpg

Then it was time for the egg hunt. All the moms wanted a picture of all the kids before they made a run for it.
Eli and another little one are missing from the picture.

 photo IMG_0775_zps8a4f08eb.jpg

The kids hunted eggs and then played for a little while before heading home.

 photo IMG_0776_zpsf70c580e.jpg  photo IMG_0777_zps0fdcb880.jpg

We all had a great time and it was fun to see all the kids so excited!

Friday, March 22, 2013

ENT Visit

On Tuesday, Eli and I loaded up in the car and went to the ENT. He has had 4 ear infections in 2 months, so our regular doctor referred us. We left a little early so we could do a little shopping.

We had to stop 1/2 way there so Eli could have a little snack.

 photo IMG_0733_zps6e4f39b7.jpg  photo IMG_0737_zps9ec74b13.jpg

We got to town and went to the happiest place on Earth aka Target. Eli was super happy to be there. We browsed around for a little while and then went to grab lunch.

 photo IMG_0742_zps5224e84f.jpg

We went to the mall and ate at Chick fil a. Eli was a big fan of the nuggets.

 photo IMG_0743-1_zpsee7977a0.jpg  photo IMG_0744_zpsa6cb781f.jpg

After we ate, Eli fell asleep, so I did a little mall walking. Also, I cannot tell you how many people asked me, "Did you lose one?" since Eli was in the double stroller.

 photo IMG_0746-1_zpsdf2880b0.jpg  photo IMG_0748_zps40068706.jpg

We had a little time to kill before the appointment and Sheldon has been complaining that Eli's hair "looks like a hippie", so we got a haircut. He did so good, until she got out the clippers. Then, I had to hold him.

 photo IMG_0756_zps9e057c83.jpg  photo IMG_0757_zpsd6be9e76.jpg

We loaded up and went to the appointment. Eli let her look in his ears and he had a hearing test. Good news is that he doesn't have any hearing loss. He is scheduled for ear tubes next week and I know we will all be relieved when his ears feel better.

 photo IMG_0759_zpsa303c818.jpg

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break

We had a pretty good spring break.
We traveled the first part of the week and the weather was great for the rest of the week. We spent a lot of time outside at the playground, in the backyard, and riding bikes/scooters in the driveway.

  photo IMG_0674_zps46792a8f.jpg  photo IMG_0679_zpse114efa8.jpg  photo IMG_0680-2_zpsda944a73.jpg

A bounce house opened up near where we live and the boys were thrilled to go and jump.

 photo IMG_0683_zps8bf55bb0.jpg  photo IMG_0686_zps2b60e9af.jpg  photo IMG_0688_zps74d5508c.jpg

School started back today and we kept the big boys home one more day just to make sure they did not catch what Eli had been sick with. They are excited to go back to school tomorrow!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

We have had an eventful weekend.

 Friday, I took the boys to the bounce house. By the time we left, Eli had a rash forming on his face. We went to the doctor and she said it was probably just allergies. We were supposed to give him Zyrtec.

  photo IMG_0700-1_zps5e010d42.jpg

By Saturday morning, he looked way worse. His rash was deeper in color and all over his body. By the time I got him to the doctor, he looked horrible. The doctor came out to the waiting room to get us and we went right on back. She did a strep test and it was positive. She also sent him to have blood work because his rash looked like scarlet fever.
  photo IMG_0711-1_zps9341b17d.jpg  photo IMG_0713_zps28f2a51c.jpg

He was not happy to give blood and it was pretty traumatic for me too. The blood test came back and one of the levels she was looking for was not high enough to diagnose scarlet fever. She gave him a dose of medicine and wanted us to come back the next day (Sunday) for her to check him again.

He woke up happy today and the rash on his face looked better. We went back to the doctor and the test still showed viral infection and not bacterial.
She prescribed him medicine for his strep and a steroid for his rash.

 photo IMG_0720-1_zpsc23d3bce.jpg  photo IMG_0721-1_zpsef7ec857.jpg  photo IMG_0726-1_zps18604ad8.jpg Eli has been a trooper all weekend. He doesn't really act like he feels all that bad, he just looks horrible. He is on the mend and hopefully in a few days, his rash will be all cleared up.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quick Trip

We went on a quick trip up to Kansas last weekend.

It is always fun to go and visit family. The big boys especially like to go and experience "farm life". They go outside and roam around, ride 4 wheelers, feed cattle, and climb all over everything.

 Eli wasn't feeling all that great, but he was a trooper.

 photo photo1-25_zps663e150e.jpg

One of our favorite things to do is play games. Sheldon and Grandpa H. were laughing so hard at this one.

  photo photo2-25_zps16cce120.jpg

I wanted to get a picture of Grandma with all the boys. You can tell that Max and Crocker were thrilled to have to take a picture.

  photo photo3-22_zps374f1092.jpg

We had a great time and cannot wait to visit again!

Friday, March 15, 2013

The boys have been on Spring Break this week.

We went on a short weekend trip and then back home so Sheldon could go back to work. We have had the best weather and have been spending a lot of time outside.

I have had these pictures from the past couple of weeks just hanging out and waiting to be put online.

Sheldon and I hired a babysitter 2 weekends ago and went on a date. We had such a good time and can't wait to do it again.

  photo photo1-25_zpsae5799c9.jpg  photo Screenshot2013-03-14at12202PM_zpsef881aa7.png

I love to dress the boys alike and thought they looked especially cute on our way to church.

 photo photo4-17_zps743e2b6e.jpg

Eli has been fighting ear infections for 2 months and has been pretty miserable. He does have good days/moments thrown in the mix and I am always happy to have them!

Eli has an appointment on Tuesday at the ENT, so maybe the end of ear infections is in sight.

 photo photo5-6_zpscaa85765.jpg  photo photo1-25_zps4e672024.jpg

The big boys are pros at waiting for doctors these days. I have had to haul them with me 4 times when Eli has had an appointment. The just sit and play games. I don't ever hear a peep out of them. I am sure it doesn't hurt either that they know if they are good, then we stop at Sonic for a drink.

 photo photo2-25_zps9a8984db.jpg  photo photo3-22_zpsec1ff149.jpg

Crocker and Eli have been playing really well together lately. They have started "wrestling", so that is always fun.  Oh and I am pretty sure they big boys have the biggest "muscles" I have ever seen.

  photo photo1-25_zpse6f8cacb.jpg  photo photo3-22_zps48c90a10.jpg

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dr. Seuss

For the past few weeks, Max's school has been celebrating Dr. Seuss. Today to finish up celebrating, they let the kids dress up as characters from the books. They paraded them through the school and it was so cute.

Max and his best buddy dressed up as Thing 1 & 2.

The little boys went this morning to watch the parade and they had a blast!

 photo photo1-25_zps212075bf.jpg  photo photo2-25_zpse97b90cb.jpg  photo DSC_2453_zpsefa3c8c7.jpg  photo DSC_2466_zps9c002940.jpg  photo photo4-17_zps545832dc.jpg

Friday, March 1, 2013

Time Flies

Some days I look around and cannot believe I have 3 growing boys. Sheldon is probably tired of me saying, "I just can't believe we have 3 kids and a mortgage. It seems like yesterday we were just dating."

 Time is really flying by and I want to be sure that I am recording as much about my boys as I can.

  photo IMG_0458_zpsa02e200c.jpg

Eli is such a little stinker and his personality is really shining through in this picture.

 photo IMG_0460_zpsecce1a89.jpg

Max is 5.5 years old. He loves to go to school. Lunch is his favorite part of his day. He is the tallest kid in his class. He loves milk, sandwiches, and oranges. He likes to build legos, play skylanders, go hunting, and be outside riding his bike/scooter. He is very tenderhearted and tries all the time to be a good boy. He wants more than anything to please Sheldon and I.

Crocker is 3.5 years old. He goes to a 3 morning a week preschool. He is learning how to be a good listener and be obedient the first time someone asks something of him. He loves candy, yogurt raisins, applesauce, and goldfish. He loves to play cars and Zingo. He is scared of loud noises and jumping high on the trampoline. He loves to sit in your lap and snuggle.

Eli is 1.1 years old. He recently graduated from a bottle to a sippy cup. He loves to eat and will eat anything. His favorite food is bananas. He likes to be chased and tickled. He has started running. He is a climber and is always into things he shouldn't be. He loves to follow the boys around and he watches their every move.

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