Sunday, March 17, 2013

We have had an eventful weekend.

 Friday, I took the boys to the bounce house. By the time we left, Eli had a rash forming on his face. We went to the doctor and she said it was probably just allergies. We were supposed to give him Zyrtec.

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By Saturday morning, he looked way worse. His rash was deeper in color and all over his body. By the time I got him to the doctor, he looked horrible. The doctor came out to the waiting room to get us and we went right on back. She did a strep test and it was positive. She also sent him to have blood work because his rash looked like scarlet fever.
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He was not happy to give blood and it was pretty traumatic for me too. The blood test came back and one of the levels she was looking for was not high enough to diagnose scarlet fever. She gave him a dose of medicine and wanted us to come back the next day (Sunday) for her to check him again.

He woke up happy today and the rash on his face looked better. We went back to the doctor and the test still showed viral infection and not bacterial.
She prescribed him medicine for his strep and a steroid for his rash.

 photo IMG_0720-1_zpsc23d3bce.jpg  photo IMG_0721-1_zpsef7ec857.jpg  photo IMG_0726-1_zps18604ad8.jpg Eli has been a trooper all weekend. He doesn't really act like he feels all that bad, he just looks horrible. He is on the mend and hopefully in a few days, his rash will be all cleared up.

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other gpa said...

looks rough, hope all is better soon, keep me posted

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