Friday, March 15, 2013

The boys have been on Spring Break this week.

We went on a short weekend trip and then back home so Sheldon could go back to work. We have had the best weather and have been spending a lot of time outside.

I have had these pictures from the past couple of weeks just hanging out and waiting to be put online.

Sheldon and I hired a babysitter 2 weekends ago and went on a date. We had such a good time and can't wait to do it again.

  photo photo1-25_zpsae5799c9.jpg  photo Screenshot2013-03-14at12202PM_zpsef881aa7.png

I love to dress the boys alike and thought they looked especially cute on our way to church.

 photo photo4-17_zps743e2b6e.jpg

Eli has been fighting ear infections for 2 months and has been pretty miserable. He does have good days/moments thrown in the mix and I am always happy to have them!

Eli has an appointment on Tuesday at the ENT, so maybe the end of ear infections is in sight.

 photo photo5-6_zpscaa85765.jpg  photo photo1-25_zps4e672024.jpg

The big boys are pros at waiting for doctors these days. I have had to haul them with me 4 times when Eli has had an appointment. The just sit and play games. I don't ever hear a peep out of them. I am sure it doesn't hurt either that they know if they are good, then we stop at Sonic for a drink.

 photo photo2-25_zps9a8984db.jpg  photo photo3-22_zpsec1ff149.jpg

Crocker and Eli have been playing really well together lately. They have started "wrestling", so that is always fun.  Oh and I am pretty sure they big boys have the biggest "muscles" I have ever seen.

  photo photo1-25_zpse6f8cacb.jpg  photo photo3-22_zps48c90a10.jpg

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