Friday, March 22, 2013

ENT Visit

On Tuesday, Eli and I loaded up in the car and went to the ENT. He has had 4 ear infections in 2 months, so our regular doctor referred us. We left a little early so we could do a little shopping.

We had to stop 1/2 way there so Eli could have a little snack.

 photo IMG_0733_zps6e4f39b7.jpg  photo IMG_0737_zps9ec74b13.jpg

We got to town and went to the happiest place on Earth aka Target. Eli was super happy to be there. We browsed around for a little while and then went to grab lunch.

 photo IMG_0742_zps5224e84f.jpg

We went to the mall and ate at Chick fil a. Eli was a big fan of the nuggets.

 photo IMG_0743-1_zpsee7977a0.jpg  photo IMG_0744_zpsa6cb781f.jpg

After we ate, Eli fell asleep, so I did a little mall walking. Also, I cannot tell you how many people asked me, "Did you lose one?" since Eli was in the double stroller.

 photo IMG_0746-1_zpsdf2880b0.jpg  photo IMG_0748_zps40068706.jpg

We had a little time to kill before the appointment and Sheldon has been complaining that Eli's hair "looks like a hippie", so we got a haircut. He did so good, until she got out the clippers. Then, I had to hold him.

 photo IMG_0756_zps9e057c83.jpg  photo IMG_0757_zpsd6be9e76.jpg

We loaded up and went to the appointment. Eli let her look in his ears and he had a hearing test. Good news is that he doesn't have any hearing loss. He is scheduled for ear tubes next week and I know we will all be relieved when his ears feel better.

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