Sunday, January 31, 2010

Trip to TN- Day 5 continued

Brent's mom passed away on Friday. We went to the visitation tonight and brought Ryne home with us. We wanted to get a few pictures of the boys all dressed up. They looked so cute. When Ryne saw Max at the funeral home, he ran up to him and they just hugged and hugged. It was so cute.

Sheldon and I stopped and got them a hamburger on the way home. It was so fun to have 3 car seats in the car. They just giggled and talked all the way home.

They watched Elmo and wore Grandpa's t-shirts.

They sat in Nana's lap and hugged and hugged. We are going to be so sad to leave our cousin.

Trip to TN- Day 5 Crocker's Christening

The main purpose of our trip to TN was to have Crocker christened. Our family friend and preacher christened me when I was a baby and also Max. He married Sheldon and I. It was really important for him to christen Crocker as well. Church was cancelled today due to snow and ice, so we packed up the kids and drove to his house.

We took a few pictures before we left.

Ryne wanted in on one too. He was standing on the sidelines telling Max to say cheese.

We drove to Dr. Joe's house and I got Crocker dressed. He wore the same gown that Max wore.

Then, we went into the parlor. It once was a Confederate hospital room.

Crocker was so happy and grinned the whole time.

Then we went to lunch.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trip to TN- Day 4 Happy Birthday Ryne!!!

Sheldon and my dad went to the weekly Saturday breakfast this morning. My mom and I stayed home with the babies and played. When Sheldon got back, he drove us to Granny's house.

Granny had saved balloons for Max to play with. He loved jumping on them.

Brandon and Max played around.

Brent, Ryne, and Kimberly came over. Today was Ryne's 2nd birthday. He had a Mickey Mouse party. My dad bought them Mickey outfits to wear.

Crocker was festive as well.

Ryne loved the glasses also.

We ate pizza and then Ryne opened his presents.

Max waited patiently.

Then, we ate cake and ice cream.

Max and Ryne slept in the bed together and played flashlights with Grandpa before bed.

We turned out the lights and left the room. We heard giggling and playing for about an hour.

While the boys slept, we played Tripoly. It is a really fun card game.

My mom is the slowest dealer ever.

Popcorn joined in too.

Sheldon and I playing cards. Love the face babe.

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