Wednesday, July 29, 2015

4th of July

We went up to Kansas to celebrate the 4th of July. We had a blast!!  photo IMG_0717.jpg  photo IMG_0719.jpg  photo IMG_0720.jpg  photo IMG_0721.jpg  photo IMG_0722.jpg  photo IMG_0728.jpg  photo IMG_0734.jpg  photo IMG_0732.jpg  photo IMG_0736.jpg  photo IMG_0739.jpg  photo IMG_0737.jpg  photo IMG_0741.jpg


We went back to TN for a few days and then made the trek to OKC for good. We stayed with friends for 2 weeks until our house was ready. We had a lot of fun.  photo IMG_0542.jpg  photo IMG_0543.jpg  photo IMG_0544.jpg  photo IMG_0545.jpg  photo IMG_0546.jpg  photo IMG_0547.jpg  photo IMG_0548.jpg  photo IMG_0549.jpg  photo IMG_0562.jpg  photo IMG_0563.jpg  photo IMG_0566.jpg  photo IMG_0570.jpg

We were able to meet up with good friends.  photo IMG_0591.jpg  photo IMG_0593.jpg  photo IMG_0599.jpg  photo IMG_0596.jpg  photo IMG_0597.jpg  photo IMG_0539.jpg  photo IMG_0553.jpg  photo IMG_0554.jpg  photo IMG_0556.jpg

Our time in Oklahoma

During the time we were without a home, the kids and I made a trip to OKC to visit Sheldon. Grandpa Mark and Mrs. Julie were in town and that made things more fun!!  photo IMG_0506.jpg  photo IMG_0507.jpg  photo IMG_0508.jpg  photo IMG_0510.jpg  photo IMG_0511.jpg  photo IMG_0512.jpg  photo IMG_0513.jpg  photo IMG_0485.jpg  photo IMG_0486.jpg We finished up school for the year.  photo IMG_0492.jpg  photo IMG_0494.jpg  photo IMG_0496.jpg  photo IMG_0501.jpg  photo IMG_0502.jpg  photo IMG_0504.jpg  photo IMG_0505.jpg

More time in TN

Sheldon came to visit us in TN. We had a little birthday party for him and spent a lot of time with the kids.

   photo IMG_0370.jpg photo IMG_0372.jpg  photo IMG_0376.jpg  photo IMG_0383.jpg  photo IMG_0397.jpg  photo IMG_0409.jpg  photo IMG_0410.jpg  photo IMG_0412.jpg  photo IMG_0425.jpg  photo IMG_0430.jpg

Sheldon had to go back to work and the kids and I enjoyed the rest of our time.

   photo IMG_0433.jpg photo IMG_0434.jpg  photo IMG_0448.jpg  photo IMG_0453.jpg  photo IMG_0458.jpg  photo IMG_0464.jpg  photo IMG_0467.jpg  photo IMG_0469.jpg  photo IMG_0471.jpg  photo IMG_0474.jpg  photo IMG_0476.jpg

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