Friday, January 23, 2015

Paw Patrol Party

Eli turns 3 on Sunday. We had his birthday party at the bounce house tonight. We had a Paw Patrol bash and Eli had the best time!

   photo IMG_4343_zps251faffa.jpg photo IMG_1732_zps27c16d7f.jpg  photo IMG_1733_zpsfdac9634.jpg  photo IMG_1735_zps20869935.jpg  photo IMG_1742_zpsc3e1b2a6.jpg  photo IMG_1748_zps5664e442.jpg  photo IMG_1749_zpsd667a64e.jpg  photo IMG_1750_zps0d300c3b.jpg


Eli loves to have me take his picture and then look at himself. We have gathered quite the collection.

   photo IMG_4144_zpsdc7811c2.jpg photo IMG_4145_zpsc79a21ca.jpg  photo IMG_4147_zps554f162a.jpg  photo IMG_1729_zps1b197b16.jpg  photo IMG_4148_zpsc25a98a6.jpg  photo IMG_4175_zpsfce331e7.jpg  photo IMG_4225_zps59f98c3b.jpg  photo IMG_4252_zps6deb5dff.jpg  photo IMG_4262_zps2ff2323c.jpg  photo IMG_4288_zps6b554306.jpg  photo IMG_4292_zpsdfaa1f47.jpg  photo IMG_4341_zpsa2298b5d.jpg  photo IMG_1731_zps5fc3c005.jpg

New Mexico

We had to make a quick trip to New Mexico for a funeral last weekend. It was a sad reason to have to make a trip, but the boys were so excited to see Grandpa and Ms. Julie. They had sleepovers, made homemade ice cream, and went golfing.

   photo IMG_4312_zps8070644f.jpg photo IMG_4313_zps8d1c8403.jpg  photo IMG_4316_zpsfa1b7a35.jpg  photo IMG_4319_zpsb31a59cb.jpg  photo IMG_4323_zps1aadf54a.jpg  photo IMG_4333_zps8c24b054.jpg  photo IMG_4334_zps152ddb56.jpg  photo IMG_4336_zpsbff3e6f4.jpg  photo IMG_4337_zps49c552cf.jpg

 We cannot wait until our next visit!


We spent Thanksgiving weekend up in Kansas. Mark drove up to ride with us. He brought the cutest scarves that Julie made them. The kids loved playing with their cousins and exploring the Indian Cave.

   photo IMG_4119_zps94a2ebec.jpg photo IMG_4124_zps2f43bcac.jpg  photo IMG_4324_zps8faa2c42.jpg  photo IMG_4329_zpsbc3f5d50.jpg  photo IMG_4332_zpsc4747c5f.jpg

60th Birthday

Back in November, my Dad turned 60.

My mom, sister, and I planned a surprise party for him. It was a quick weekend trip, so I flew down and Sheldon stated home with the kids. My dad's brother, sister, and niece all flew in to celebrate him. The party was wonderful, he was surprised, and everyone had a great time!

   photo IMG_4253_zps858b39c1.jpg photo IMG_4257_zpsa0296ef6.jpg  photo IMG_4260_zps9d7fd07d.jpg  photo IMG_4262_zpsda51455d.jpg  photo IMG_4268_zps1d3250be.jpg  photo IMG_4276_zps30ecc98a.jpg  photo IMG_4282_zps0ae213b5.jpg  photo IMG_4286_zps761c1984.jpg  photo IMG_4291_zps87892d32.jpg  photo IMG_4297_zpsd661cbcb.jpg  photo IMG_4302_zps67982ede.jpg  photo IMG_4316_zps4a57ea76.jpg  photo IMG_4321_zps1e7a26e3.jpg  photo IMG_4326_zps44bceb02.jpg

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