Friday, June 21, 2013


A couple of nights before we left for TN, the big boys had a slumber party in the living room.

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We went to see Epic.

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Eli was a little excited to see Daddy and he had fun in the dishwasher.

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Matching brothers on a Sunday morning.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

T Ball

Max and Crocker both played tball this summer. They were on different teams, so we were busy every Tues, Wed, and Fri night. They both played so well and enjoyed playing.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Camping #2

Sheldon gave me the rest of the camping pictures today and I wanted to share them.

 I have to laugh when I see some of these because the boys just looked filthy all the time. I would have cleaned them up a little, but that's the difference between Mom and Dad. Sheldon didn't even bother until they went to bed because they just kept getting dirty.

They saw a coal train on the way up and pulled over to take a closer look.

 photo IMG_1462_zpse2cee13c.jpg  photo IMG_1463_zpsb5703101.jpg  photo IMG_1464_zps9e430b87.jpg  photo IMG_1465_zps44513f9a.jpg  photo IMG_1466_zps623f13e8.jpg  photo IMG_1467_zpsbe107472.jpg  photo IMG_1468_zps33425c33.jpg  photo IMG_1469_zpsd0fed342.jpg

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Camping Fun

Sheldon and the big boys are coming home today from a boys only camping trip up in Colorado. They met up with Sheldon's dad and a family friend and had a blast! They went fishing, shot guns, slept in tents, ate smores, and didn't shower for 3 days.

They had such a long drive, so the stopped at a hotel going up and coming home.

 photo IMG_1425_zpsabcd5b7b.jpg  photo IMG_1443_zps398de432.jpg  photo IMG_1440_zpse7b6d287.jpg  photo IMG_1428_zps9cc36b1c.jpg  photo IMG_1439_zpsd7d2a276.jpg  photo IMG_1455_zpsfe821f66.jpg  photo IMG_1453_zpsd8238937.jpg

Eli and I had fun being home alone. We played outside, went on walks, and went to the big city for a day.

  photo IMG_1423_zps3fb953a9.jpg  photo IMG_1427_zps628b37e3.jpg  photo IMG_1429_zpsdee3d709.jpg

We all had fun over this past week, but we are ready to settle back into our routine and celebrate Father's Day!

Friday, June 14, 2013

TN trip part 2

We took the big boys to the children's museum one day. They had fun inside, but they really loved the water area outside.

   photo IMG_1391_zpsb408422b.jpg  photo IMG_1396_zps415307ec.jpg  photo IMG_1401_zps50f77696.jpg

The boys got a few tattoos one night.

  photo IMG_2128_zpscf706c95.jpg  photo IMG_2132_zps1e469fbf.jpg

Eli got hand, foot, and mouth while we were there and it was no fun. He broke out in the blisters the day before we left. He had the blisters on his hands, bottom of his feet, and around his mouth. Crocker started not feeling well either and he got sick on the way home. He broke out in blisters while we were on the road. Crocker had the blisters in his mouth and on the bottom of his feet.

 photo IMG_1404_zps1546a15f.jpg  photo IMG_2122_zpsa27bd674.jpg  photo IMG_1410_zps7a14a14d.jpg

Sheldon still had to take work calls while we were traveling. After Crocker got sick, I got in the back with the little boys so I could catch vomit if I needed to. Thankfully, he only got sick once. Anyway, to try and keep Eli quiet while Sheldon was on the phone, I gave him suckers. He was so happy and really enjoyed them!

  photo IMG_1411_zps336a98f7.jpg  photo IMG_1415_zpsd57b69b3.jpg

 We had a good time in TN, minus all the sickness. The trip there and back was long and tiring and we were all glad to get home!

TN Trip part 1

Last week, Sheldon had to go to Arkansas for a client meeting. The boys and I tagged along and he dropped us off with my dad. We went on to my parents house for a few days while Sheldon had his meetings.
We had a great time. The boys loved riding cars, playing outside, and visiting all of their family/friends.

 photo IMG_2089_zps2dc1bfa6.jpg  photo IMG_2082_zps136a391f.jpg  photo IMG_1370-1_zps779ded5f.jpg  photo IMG_2092_zps35401a35.jpg  photo IMG_2098_zpseeb1ce8c.jpg  photo IMG_1382_zpscd7a86d2.jpg  photo IMG_1383_zps3fb021d9.jpg

We also celebrated my birthday, a few days early. They went all out with the decor and party attire. The boys really loved it and they love any excuse for cake!

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