Saturday, June 15, 2013

Camping Fun

Sheldon and the big boys are coming home today from a boys only camping trip up in Colorado. They met up with Sheldon's dad and a family friend and had a blast! They went fishing, shot guns, slept in tents, ate smores, and didn't shower for 3 days.

They had such a long drive, so the stopped at a hotel going up and coming home.

 photo IMG_1425_zpsabcd5b7b.jpg  photo IMG_1443_zps398de432.jpg  photo IMG_1440_zpse7b6d287.jpg  photo IMG_1428_zps9cc36b1c.jpg  photo IMG_1439_zpsd7d2a276.jpg  photo IMG_1455_zpsfe821f66.jpg  photo IMG_1453_zpsd8238937.jpg

Eli and I had fun being home alone. We played outside, went on walks, and went to the big city for a day.

  photo IMG_1423_zps3fb953a9.jpg  photo IMG_1427_zps628b37e3.jpg  photo IMG_1429_zpsdee3d709.jpg

We all had fun over this past week, but we are ready to settle back into our routine and celebrate Father's Day!

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