Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sleepover Fun

Max and Crocker both had sleepovers this weekend. Crocker went over to his best friends house and they had a blast. He didn't want to come home!
   photo IMG_0131.jpg photo IMG_0138.jpg  photo IMG_0137.jpg  photo IMG_0136.jpg  photo IMG_0135.jpg

Max had his best friend over. They have been friends for a long time and we are going to miss him when we move!
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Boy Scout Promotion

Max had his Boy Scout promotion ceremony over the weekend. He graduated from a Tiger to a Wolf. He has worked hard all year and we are so proud of him.
   photo IMG_0147.jpg photo IMG_0144.jpg  photo IMG_0145.jpg Sheldon was the den leader for the Tiger Cubs and was able to present them all with their Wolf things.  photo IMG_0149.jpg  photo IMG_0150.jpg  photo IMG_0151.jpg  photo IMG_0153.jpg

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break 2015

The boys were on Spring Break last week. Sheldon took a few days off work and we loaded everyone up and went to Albuquerque to visit. We drove go carts, played putt putt, played games and had a blast. The highlight of the week for Eli was riding the little carousel. Sheldon and I even snuck away for a night. I don't think anyone missed us! We had a blast and cannot wait to go back!!

   photo IMG_0071_zpsnjerktbc.jpg photo IMG_0073_zpspaquxbji.jpg  photo IMG_0077_zps2w1d8biy.jpg  photo IMG_0078_zpsn38eab1e.jpg  photo IMG_0080_zpsn8vu1gho.jpg  photo IMG_0081_zps0ovguwgk.jpg  photo IMG_0082_zpsvqu3o66r.jpg  photo IMG_0083_zpsozxsyyju.jpg  photo IMG_0084_zpsflt7pazj.jpg  photo IMG_0085_zpstvwe0bvw.jpg  photo IMG_0086_zpsdpix7kpt.jpg  photo IMG_0087_zps0mpfys4m.jpg  photo IMG_0089_zpshfj48iin.jpg  photo IMG_0091_zpsyddhm2n7.jpg  photo IMG_0093_zpsasugpnay.jpg  photo IMG_0095_zpswdrioipu.jpg  photo IMG_0100_zpsspgeghv6.jpg  photo IMG_0104_zpsav5neidp.jpg  photo IMG_0108_zpsszivp0yu.jpg  photo IMG_0109_zpswkj2yvgr.jpg

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