Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Football Pics

We had a home football game this week. One of the dads is a great photographer and took pictures the entire game. He got some wonderful shots of our #28. Max is on the right busting throughout the banner.

   photo NA1A6713.jpg photo NA1A6714.jpg  photo NA1A6716.jpg  photo NA1A6793.jpg  photo NA1A6796.jpg  photo NA1A6818.jpg  photo NA1A6948.jpg  photo NA1A6974.jpg  photo NA1A7014.jpg  photo NA1A7018.jpg  photo NA1A7065.jpg

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Football season is in full swing around here. Max claimed #28 as his jersey number for the second year. He is playing center and nose guard/line backer.

 photo IMG_3140.jpg  photo IMG_3141.jpg  photo IMG_3143.jpg

They had their weigh-in and first scrimmage a couple of weeks ago. They had fun and learned a lot!

 photo IMG_3150.jpg  photo IMG_3151.jpg  photo IMG_3152.jpg

The 3/4 team was introduced at halftime at the high school football game.

 photo IMG_3226.jpg

They played their first game and lost. They played hard and learned how to work as a team.

 photo IMG_2113.jpg  photo IMG_2114_1.jpg  photo IMG_2115.jpg photo IMG_2116.jpg  photo IMG_2117.jpg  photo IMG_2119.jpg  photo IMG_2122.jpg  photo IMG_2123_1.jpg  photo IMG_3275.jpg

We love our little player and are excited for the rest of the season.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Wedding Fun

Back in August, Sheldon's best friend got married. Sheldon was the best man and Max was an usher. We had a fun filled long weekend in Indiana.

 photo IMG_3033_1.jpg  photo IMG_3034_1.jpg

We took the boys to the Children's Museum and they had the best time.

 photo IMG_3036_1.jpg  photo IMG_3039_1.jpg  photo IMG_3035_1.jpg  photo IMG_3037_1.jpg  photo IMG_3040_1.jpg photo IMG_3045_1.jpg  photo IMG_3050_1.jpg

We also went to the Clabber Girl Museum and saw an Indy 500 vehicle parked out front.

 photo IMG_3053_1.jpg  photo IMG_3056_1.jpg
 photo IMG_3057_1.jpg  photo IMG_3058_1.jpg

We had fun at the rehearsal and dinner afterwards.

 photo IMG_3061_1.jpg  photo IMG_3069_1.jpg  photo IMG_3066_1.jpg

The boys headed out early for pre-wedding fun. They looked so handsome.

 photo IMG_3072_1.jpg  photo IMG_3075_1.jpg  photo IMG_3076_1.jpg  photo IMG_3077_1.jpg

 photo IMG_3078_1.jpg

Sheldon nailed his speech and we had a blast dancing at the reception.

 photo IMG_3085_1.jpg  photo IMG_3083_1.jpg  photo IMG_3081_1.jpg  photo IMG_3086.jpg  photo IMG_3082_1.jpg

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