Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Normal Days

Over the weekend, we had some special visitors. Grandpa and Grandma Hoesli, Aunt Vicki, and Courtney came to spend two nights with us. We had a super fun time and were glad they were able to visit.

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 We were able to FaceTime friends the day before school and it was so fun!

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 The boys are still in love with Lucy. They love to play with her and she puts up with whatever they are doing to her. haha

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 Eli and I have been having a lot of fun while the boys have been in school. I took him to a place that has play and painting. He had the best time!
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First Day of School

Max(2nd) and Crocker(Kindergarten) started school on August 12. They had Meet the Teacher a couple of nights earlier in the week. They were both super excited to see their classes.
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They requested waffles for breakfast.
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They both had a great day and were excited to tell me all about it when we got home.
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Crocker's teacher sent me this picture from the 2nd day of school. They had technical difficulties on the 1st day.

   photo IMG_0954.jpg

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

60th Birthday Party

My Mom is turning 60 at the end of August. The big kids will be in school and we won't be able to be there, so we surprised her with a little party a couple of weeks ago. My sister and her family ended up being sick and not able to come. We definitely missed them. My Mom(and Dad) love love Popcorn, so we decided to let Popcorn live with them. He is much happier and is loving his life again!

   photo IMG_0882_1.jpg

 We took a family picture with everyone dressed up and I am in love with it!

   photo IMG_4751.jpg

My Dad's sister flew in to celebrate with us and it was so fun visiting with her!
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My Dad is a jokester and my Mom is always joking with him that, "A girl's gotta eat". So he made a sign and we had a dessert bar set up for her.

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We loved celebrating with her and are so thankful for her.

Monday, August 10, 2015

New Glasses

Crocker had to go in for an eye exam last week and he came out of it with glasses. He is so proud of them and looks so cute!!

   photo IMG_0916.jpg

 photo IMG_0917.jpg  photo IMG_0915.jpg  photo IMG_0921.jpg  photo IMG_0919.jpg


Max started his 1st season of tackle football. He has begged and begged to play and was thrilled when it was time to sign him up!

   photo IMG_0901.jpg photo IMG_0901.jpg

He had his 1st practice and it was a "helmet only". They are trying to get them used to all the gear they will have to wear. Max is in red shorts and a black shirt.

   photo IMG_0934.jpg photo IMG_0936.jpg

 We are excited for a good football season. I am sure Sheldon and I will be cheering for a Hoesli boy for many years to come!

Summer Fun

We were so glad to move into our house mid-June. We spent a couple of weeks unpacking and setting up our home. We are glad to have all of our projects done and enjoy the rest of our summer. Our good friends came to OKC and stopped by to visit with us.  photo IMG_0788.jpg  photo IMG_0787.jpg  photo IMG_0786.jpg We have a pond a few feet down the street from us and everyone loves to go fishing.  photo IMG_0802.jpg  photo IMG_0804.jpg  photo IMG_0811.jpg  photo IMG_0814.jpg Max has taken over as the story reader. :)  photo IMG_0752.jpg Sheldon went on a guys trip to New Mexico and was able to meet up with Mark.  photo IMG_0849.jpg We saw Minions and loved it!!  photo IMG_0806.jpg Crocker and I had a date.  photo IMG_0868.jpg  photo IMG_0871.jpg  photo IMG_0872.jpg We made a trip to TN and got treats on the way home.  photo IMG_0890.jpg  photo IMG_0889.jpg

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