Wednesday, August 12, 2015

60th Birthday Party

My Mom is turning 60 at the end of August. The big kids will be in school and we won't be able to be there, so we surprised her with a little party a couple of weeks ago. My sister and her family ended up being sick and not able to come. We definitely missed them. My Mom(and Dad) love love Popcorn, so we decided to let Popcorn live with them. He is much happier and is loving his life again!

   photo IMG_0882_1.jpg

 We took a family picture with everyone dressed up and I am in love with it!

   photo IMG_4751.jpg

My Dad's sister flew in to celebrate with us and it was so fun visiting with her!
   photo IMG_4760.jpg  photo IMG_4764.jpg  photo IMG_4768.jpg  photo IMG_4769.jpg  photo IMG_4773.jpg  photo IMG_4774.jpg

My Dad is a jokester and my Mom is always joking with him that, "A girl's gotta eat". So he made a sign and we had a dessert bar set up for her.

   photo IMG_4785.jpg  photo IMG_4788.jpg  photo IMG_4790.jpg

We loved celebrating with her and are so thankful for her.

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