Saturday, August 31, 2013

iPhone Catch Up

I have a few pictures from my phone that needed to be blogged.

Max and Crocker are still dressing up a lot. This day Max was a superhero ninja. He was ready for battle!

Sheldon and I have started painting the trim in our house white. It is a long and expensive process, but we are loving the results so far.

Last weekend, Sheldon took the big boys to the demo derby. They all loved it and the boys are still talking about it!

Max is really enjoying school and he is already making me drop him off in front of the school. Pretty soon, he will just want to be dropped off down the street!

Crocker has the cutest little class and he is super happy to go to school everyday!

Eli is a mamas boy! He is thrilled that the big boys are gone back to school and he can have me all to himself. 
He had a well check last week at the doctor. He weighs 28 pounds and is 34 inches tall.

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School 2013

The big boys started school today.

Max is in Kindergarten and Crocker is going to a 4 morning a week program.

 photo IMG_0380_zps12af77f8.jpg  photo IMG_0383_zpsee51c7fc.jpg

My prayer for my boys is that they are surrounded by adults and classmates that encourage, respect, and love them.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meet the Teacher 2013

Tonight we went to meet Max's teacher.

He is going into Kindergarten and is not looking forward to school. He has been telling me daily that he is not going, but tonight his mind was changed. He got to see a few friends and his teacher is super nice.

We have one more free weekend before school starts and plan on having fun with our Kindergarten bound boy!
 photo IMG_0374_zps638ba972.jpg  photo IMG_0376_zps4c7ea1a1.jpg 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Rider

I have so much blogging to catch up on. While I sort through pictures and collect my thoughts, I wanted to share these pictures from tonight.

About 2 months ago, Crocker (who is 3) asked Sheldon to take his training wheels off his bike. Sheldon told him he wasn't ready yet and to keep practicing with his training wheels.

Fast forward to today and he asked again to take them off. Sheldon agreed and told him there wasn't any turning back. It took him a few tries and a few tears, but he mastered riding a bike without training wheels.

 photo IMG_0361_zps21cd2003.jpg  photo IMG_0364_zpscaf7c665.jpg  photo IMG_0366_zps9adc1e98.jpg  photo IMG_0368_zps53c34f41.jpg  photo IMG_1804_zps43990c66.jpg  photo IMG_1807_zpsafb2aa25.jpg

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