Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

I am so thankful for my husband and his safe return from war. So many wives were not that lucky. I hope that you remembered all those that sacrificed for your freedom.

We went to the Aquarium at Moody Gardens. It was pitiful. We were not pleased, saw everything within 30 minutes, and asked for a refund.

Our next stop was the Museum of Natural Science.
Max loved the dinosaur bones.

He had a lot of fun spinning the exhibits around.

I enjoyed seeing all the exhibits about oil and having Sheldon tell me all about them.

We saw a lot of crystals.

We also went to the butterfly garden.

Outside the butterflies were flying all around. It was so neat.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun Weekend?

Saturday morning started out like any other. Max got dressed in daddies clothes that he got out of the hamper and Crocker was playing around on the floor.

After Crocker got up from his morning nap, he had a fever of 102.6. He was not irritable and fussy, he just did not feel good. He is trying to cut his top teeth, so I think that is what the fever is from. Crocker and I laid around most of yesterday. Sheldon and Max played outside and watched Dora.
This morning Crocker still had a fever, so Sheldon and Max went to church. Crocker sat up and played a little while they were gone.

He took a 4 hour nap this afternoon and felt a little better.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ice Cream

We went to get yogurt tonight. I told Max to get his shoes on and we were going to get ice cream. He associates ice cream with a birthday, so he started singing Happy Birthday to Max.
We went to the neatest place. It is self serve with 8-10 different flavors and 15-20 toppings.

After Max ate, he went to sit on the bar stools.


Sheldon was off work today, so I had him run me to 2 different libraries. The library in the town we live in is so small, so we went to 2 neighboring towns.
Here are the boys and I before we left.

Max seriously stresses me out at the library. He is so loud and does not know the concept of a quiet voice. We were able to check out books and movies at both libraries and we are set for a few days.

We also found out about a lot of fun activities that they are both having this summer, so we are definitely going to take advantage of both!

We have not done much this week. It is so hot and humid outside and the mosquitos are in full force.
Sheldon has been going to classes to fulfill his requirements to work offshore. There is a chance he will have to go out to the BP rig to pump off the oil. I hope not and he hopes he gets to. So, we will see.

Max is becoming quite the lego tower builder. He loves to go and build something and come show me so I can praise him. He is so funny.


One day this week, our air went out. I called the landlord and she said she would get someone out to look at it. It turned into a big mess and it eventually got fixed. I am so thankful that the day it went out the temperature outside was only 85 and Max was at school.
Crocker and I just laid around the house trying to stay cool.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Awards Ceremony

Max's school had their awards ceremony tonight.

They were supposed to dress up, so he wore his tie shirt.

He received the Friendship Award. He ran up to get his award and they also gave him a sucker. He took the sucker and started back to his seat. They had to call him back to get his award.

He was so proud of himself.

Max and his award.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sand Box

Sheldon was able to have a day off today to go get the sand to fill Max's sand box. Max LOVES it and has so much fun playing in it.
I am not loving it so much and it is VERY messy. Oh well. At least Max and Sheldon like it.

Summer Time Do

Sheldon gave Max his summertime do today. I was not a fan of him getting his head shaved and I might have cried. ha. Sheldon did a good job and it will be a lot easier to wash and take care of this summer.

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