Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Movie Night

This past weekend we had a movie night. We popped popcorn and watched Bolt. It was really cute and Max enjoyed it.

Crocker was not really into the movie. He wanted Max's blanket. He would touch it and Max would move his hand away. He kept saying, "No Crocker don't touch it". It was really funny and Sheldon and I got a chuckle out of it.

Crocker got a little fussy and Sheldon patted him for awhile.

We put the baby to bed and I made brownies. I asked Max if he liked them and he said no. I told him that was okay and he did not have to eat one. He thought about it and said Oh brownies are my favorite.
I figured if they were his favorite, he should have one. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Survival Mode

I have been a stay at home mom exclusively for over a year.

I have learned that every day is not a dream.

There are some days where I get a lot of stuff done, spend good quality time with the boys, and have a hot meal waiting on Sheldon when he gets home.

There are also days where no one gets out of their pj's, we watch too many cartoons, take long naps, and nothing gets done.

Today would fall in the latter group. Max brought home a stomach bug last week from school. He was sick for a few days. Last night, Crocker was not feeling well and today I woke up sick. Today was a day when I was in survival mode. I was able to do laundry, but other than that we laid around and did nothing.

Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day.


I have been couponing for awhile now and I am seriously addicted. I know I am driving Sheldon crazy writing out my lists and having it all laid out when he gets home. I am saving so much money and getting so much stuff.
Over the past few weeks, I have been able to stock up on a lot of things and try out new products for nearly free. I have been able to buy cleaning products, groceries, diapers, wipes, and hygiene items for around $200 a month. That is what we were spending on groceries before!

I do not post all of my deals, but this is a good one. I went to CVS and got all of these items plus 2 packs of gum for $13.78.

I know I was driving the poor check out boy crazy because I had 4 transactions, but I saved $104.69! I also have $10 ECB's to use later at CVS. Plus, I am able to submit for a rebate. So, if you factor all that in, I got paid to take this stuff home! :)

I am by no means an expert at this, but I am getting a lot better.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I took this before church this morning. I do not think Crocker's smile could get any bigger. You can actually see all 4 of his teeth! He is too cute!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I had such a fun day planned for us and then Sheldon had to work. So, I decided to stay home and clean the house. The boys played around and watched movies this morning. They both slept about 3 hours this afternoon. All that cleaning must have worn them out! ha!
When they got up, Sheldon was on his way home. I got us all dressed up and talked him into taking us out for an early dinner.

We went to a Mexican restaurant and it was so good! The boys were so well behaved and it was nice to not have to cook!
They have complimentary ice cream for after your meal.
This little guy LOVED it!

I gave him a few licks and then took it away. He was NOT happy.

He cried for more.

He does not cry often and I have had many people say they have never seen a picture of him crying. Well he did tonight and it was not pretty. Well until I gave him more ice cream. :)

Christmas in June!

Crocker's big Christmas gifts were toys that we did not have that he could use when he was a little older. I opened up one today and set it up. It is a hit! He loves it!

Friday, June 25, 2010

So Big...

Crocker is growing up way too fast!

He is sitting in a big car seat now.

He is also drinking from a sippy cup! He is really good at drinking out of it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


All day long I am hugged, kissed, and needed for something.
I have 2 little boys that need attention, playtime, and nourishment.
I am needed until Daddy comes home, then I am old news.
These boys love their Daddy so much and it warms my heart.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Much Better

Crocker slept all night on Monday night. He woke up on Tuesday and was his normal, happy self.
Sheldon came home from work and had to pick on him a little. We call this his fight face. ha

Don't worry though, he also loved on him a lot too!

Monday, June 21, 2010

In an Instant...

Today I learned a hard lesson. I learned that in the blink of an eye anything can happen.

They boys and I went to Walgreen's this morning to get a few things. We were just running in, so I put Crocker in the shopping cart and decided to let Max walk beside me. I got the items I wanted and went to pay. Max was making Crocker laugh and I turned to give the cashier my coupons and money. I heard a thud and Crocker started screaming. I looked and the shopping cart had tipped over and Crocker was lying on the floor beside it. The best I can guess is that Max went to stand on the side of the cart and tipped it over.
I scooped up the baby and calmed him down. After a few minutes, he quit crying, we went to the car and headed home. We got home and within 15 minutes Crocker was crying and wanting to go to sleep. I got both of them back in the car and headed to the doctor. I did not see him fall or what hit the ground. I thought he might have hit his head and wanted to get him checked out.
We got to the doctor and they took us right back. She came in and examined him and ordered a CAT scan. so, we headed to the hospital. They did the CAT scan and the doctor called a little later and said there were no signs of bleeding and he was okay. He has vomited twice and has a concussion, so we are keeping a close eye on him.

I am so thankful that for the most part he is okay. It has been such a scary day and I know that a lot of prayers have been answered.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day last night. Sheldon has had to work all weekend, so we made him a special dinner last night to celebrate. Max made a card yesterday afternoon and was so excited to give it to him. He also had a special present he made at Mother's Day Out.

I am so very thankful for Sheldon and that he is such a good dad to our boys.

The boys wore their special Father's Day shirts to church in honor of their dad.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Boy

I went in to get Crocker up from his nap and this is what I saw.

He was so happy and proud of himself for sitting up on his own. He has been sitting for a long time, but this was the 1st time he had gone from lying down to sitting up.

He is in a MUCH better mood than he has been all week. He has been cutting 4 teeth and it has not been pleasant. He has been so whiny and has been crying non stop. I even took him to the doctor because I thought he had an ear infection.

Monday, June 14, 2010

San Antonio

We went to San Antonio this weekend and had so much FUN!!!

One of Sheldon's good friends that was in his unit in the Army was home on his mid tour leave. He invited us for his family BBQ and to hang out. It was so nice to see him and his family and to catch up. Sheldon and Shawn had a blast and it was so funny watching them interact.

We drove over on Friday and stayed in a hotel. Max is no dummy and knows how you get around in a hotel.

Saturday, we went over to the cook out. We took Crocker's pack and play. He napped and played with his toys while he was resting from being held. :)

They made a ton of food and we ate, talked, and laughed most of the night.

Max Man was in his element. He ran, played, and got filthy.

We played cards with everyone and Crocker was Jessica's partner.

Sunday, we went to Six Flags. It was so fun and I even rode a roller coaster! Sheldon was impressed!

Of course we forgot our stroller, but we were able to rent one.

The guys rode the 1st ride, so we played with the kids and took pictures.

After we had all ridden a couple rides, we took the kids to the water park. It is inside Six Flags and was a great way to cool off. It was HOT!

Crocker splashed around a while and then was so tired. We made him a makeshift bed and he slept about 1.5 hours.

Max swam, splashed, and rode down the slides.

Sheldon got him to lie down and he was out for about an hour.

The children's area at the park was all about The Wiggles.
Max was barely tall enough to ride the rides. Jessica took him with her 2 kids and he was in heaven. He rode the apples, cars, and a roller coaster. He talked about that roller coaster all the way home! I think he is a thrill seeker like Sheldon.

Then, The Wiggles performed. Max was clapping and dancing.

Crocker was hot and tired.

We ate lunch at a hamburger place in the park. It was pretty good, but the best part was the air conditioning. It was nice to let the kids cool off while we ate.

We had such a fun trip and it was so nice to get to be around old friends.

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