Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Weekend in Albuquerque

We picked up the boys from their last day of camp and headed for a vacation. We drove 1/2 way, spent the night, and were up bright and early to go see Grandpa and Grandma. We had so much fun on our visit. We played, went to the air show, celebrated my birthday, had fun with water balloons, and Sheldon and I snuck away for a date. The Escape Room was so so fun. Per usual, the long weekend went by too fast and we are already home missing our family!
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Pine Cove- Camp in the City

The boys were able to spend a week at Camp in the City. They had a better time than I could have ever imagined.  It was so fun to pick them up each day and seeing their excitement. We loved our counselors and I am grateful to them for pouring kindness, fun, and Jesus into the boys.
They are still talking about the fun activities they were able to participate in and can't wait to go back!

   photo IMG_2546.jpg
 photo IMG_2581.jpg  photo IMG_2580.jpg  photo IMG_2591.jpg  photo IMG_2590.jpg  photo IMG_2589.jpg  photo IMG_2588.jpg  photo IMG_2587.jpg  photo IMG_2571.jpg  photo IMG_2569.jpg  photo IMG_2567.jpg  photo IMG_2566.jpg  photo IMG_2574.jpg  photo IMG_2573.jpg  photo IMG_2572.jpg  photo IMG_2554.jpg  photo IMG_2552.jpg  photo IMG_2548.jpg  photo IMG_2550.jpg

End of School Year 2016

The boys had a great year! They learned a lot, made new friends, and had a lot of fun.
   photo IMG_2488.jpg photo IMG_2487.jpg  photo IMG_2485.jpg

Kindergarten Graduation 2016

 photo IMG_2494.jpg  photo IMG_2495.jpg  photo IMG_2498.jpg  photo IMG_2504.jpg  photo IMG_2505.jpg

Field Day 2016

We have been out of school a couple of weeks and things are just starting to slow down. The boys were able to participate in field day the last week of school and had a blast!
   photo IMG_2468.jpg photo IMG_2467.jpg  photo IMG_2457.jpg  photo IMG_2463.jpg  photo IMG_2455.jpg  photo IMG_2459.jpg  photo IMG_2466.jpg

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