Monday, April 30, 2007

Back to Work

Yesterday, we went to The Lady and Sons. Mark really seemed to like it. Sheldon was thrilled that they had fried chicken. I told him that I would make him some when we got home. Then, I remembered that we packed our cookbooks and dishes. Darn. haha

Today, I had to go and get my grades from student teaching. I passed. YAY! Sheldon had to go to back to work after 2 weeks off. He had to go for PT. Luckily, they let them come home after. This gave him and Mark a chance to go and play golf. I laid out at the pool, watched TV, cleaned the kitchen, and then Popcorn and I took a nap. Tomorrow Mark is leaving really early in the morning. I am glad that he had a chance to come an visit with Sheldon before he leaves. They have had a great time. Well, minus moving all of our furniture into storage.
I have an appointment tomorrow at the OB. Pray that the baby is still healthy and everything is okay.

Vacation Day 5

Today was our last day at the theme parks. We went to Epcot.

They had a flower festival going on while we were there. All of the flower attractions were beautiful.

Our favorite ride at Epcot was Soarin. It was a hangliding adventure. You sit in seats with you feet dangling. A screen comes out and circles around you. You glide all over America. It was really cool.

We ate at the Biergarten. It was German cuisine. Sheldon really loved the food. I am a much pickier eater, so it was not so great. I really liked the atmosphere.

While the rides and shows were fun at all the parks, we really liked the fireworks shows best. They had one every night. We began to look forward to them. Here is Sheldon anxiously awaiting the fireworks at Epcot.

Vacation Day 4

Today was the big day at the Animal Kingdom. I was really excited about this too because this was the only park I had not been to.
The first thing we did was go on a safari. We got in big jeeps and the tour guide drove us all around the animals. We saw alligators, elephants, lions, cheetahs, zebras, and many more animals. It was neat because the animals were not in cages. They were just milling around. Also on the tour we saw an upside down tree. The roots were up in the air.

The big attraction at this park is the animal tree. It has hundreds of animals carved into it.

The park has a river running through it. They use it to transport the characters around by boat.
The parks also have 3-d shows. These are really cool because if they mention a scent, you will smell it. It they are using water, you will feel it in the audience. Here we are in A Bug's Life.

Sheldon's favorite ride at this park was Expedition Everest.

Vacation Day 3 cont...

As I mentioned earlier, Sheldon did the Richard Petty Driving Experience. He drove a Nascar car for 30 laps at the Indy 200 Speedway. It was a great experience. You go there and they give you a suit. Then, you go and ride along the track in a van while the instructors tell you about the program.
Then, the instructors tell you about the cars and tell what each button does. you put on the helmet and then you are off. You drive 3 car lengths behind the instructor. They help to regulate your speed. Sheldon's top speed was 128.6 mph. Sheldon raced in the yellow Kellogg's car. He had the time of his life!!!

Vacation Day 3

Today we had a busy day. We went to MGM Studios. Then, Sheldon did the Richard Petty Driving Experience. (more about that later) We went to the Artist's Palette in our resort to eat breakfast. Everything is shaped like mouse ears. It is really cute.

Then we set off to MGM. It was a lot different than what I remember. It was not nearly as crowded as the Magic Kingdom.

There are a lot more shows and grown-up attractions. We went and saw the museum of Walt Disney's life. It was really cool to see him office set up and the first plans for Disney World.
Then, we went on a Backlot tour. It was really cool seeing all of the behind the scenes things. We saw where all the costumes are made for the Disney channel shows and movies. Then we saw props from some of the movie sets.

These balls were used on the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here is Herbie.

This park did not have characters walking around, but they did have Cars.
We ate at a 50's restaurant that looked like a kitchen inside. It was really fun. They had chicken pot pie, meatloaf, fried chicken, just country cooking.

We came back later that night after the racing to see the show. It was caled Fantasmic! It is on an island and you sit all along the front facing the water. They use water, lights, and characters to tell the story. It was so cool! Then, they have characters and different events happening on the water.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Vacation Day 2

Today we went to the Magic Kingdom. It was so magical. haha.

We got there in just enough time to see the train with the characters arrive to open the park. They sang a song and threw out magic dust. Then the park opened.

Sheldon was able to ride all of the rides. I had to sit some out because of the baby.

I was able to ride all of the slow rides. Here we are on It's a Small World. At least I liked it. :)

We were able to stay for the afternoon parade. I thought it was cool that they had a high school marching band start the parade. It was fun seeing all of the characters and hearing the music.

We left the park after the parade. We went back to the hotel to got ready for our dinner reservation. We went to Wolfgang Puck's Cafe. It was so good.

Then, we went back to the park for the nighttime parade. It is Spectromagic. It was really cool seeing all of the floats lit up.

Vacation Day 1

We drove down to Orlando. On the way to Disney, we decided to stop at Sea World. We heard that it was free for military, so we decided to try it out. We got there and showed out ID's and we were in. We only paid $10 and that was for parking.

We got there in just enough time to see the Shamu show. We had to sit on the 7th row. If you have been to Sea World, you will know that this is a mistake. I should have remembered this because I have been to Sea World, but I forgot. The whales come out and do stunts. Then, Shamu comes out and splashes water all over the audience. She goes around and splashes water with her tail. We got SOAKED!!! It was fun though. After Shamu, we walked around for awhile to dry off. Then, we left to go find our resort.

Our resort was really hard to find, but eventually we found it. The upgraded our room for free. YAY! We got a 1 bedroom suite. It had a fully furnished kitchen, living room, 2 bathrooms, washer and dryer, and a bedroom. It was really nice.
Our dinner reservations were at the Ohana. It was at the Polynesian resort. It was a fun experience. They bring you all of the food they cook and you just eat what you want. They had 2 appetizers, 4 meats, salad, and potatoes. We were stuffed.

While we were eating, they had a show. This lady from Hawaii sang. They she taught the hula. It was fun learning.

When we left the restaurant, we went to the gift shop. Sheldon found an outfit that he wanted, but I would not let him get it.

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