Friday, September 2, 2016

Wedding Fun

Back in August, Sheldon's best friend got married. Sheldon was the best man and Max was an usher. We had a fun filled long weekend in Indiana.

 photo IMG_3033_1.jpg  photo IMG_3034_1.jpg

We took the boys to the Children's Museum and they had the best time.

 photo IMG_3036_1.jpg  photo IMG_3039_1.jpg  photo IMG_3035_1.jpg  photo IMG_3037_1.jpg  photo IMG_3040_1.jpg photo IMG_3045_1.jpg  photo IMG_3050_1.jpg

We also went to the Clabber Girl Museum and saw an Indy 500 vehicle parked out front.

 photo IMG_3053_1.jpg  photo IMG_3056_1.jpg
 photo IMG_3057_1.jpg  photo IMG_3058_1.jpg

We had fun at the rehearsal and dinner afterwards.

 photo IMG_3061_1.jpg  photo IMG_3069_1.jpg  photo IMG_3066_1.jpg

The boys headed out early for pre-wedding fun. They looked so handsome.

 photo IMG_3072_1.jpg  photo IMG_3075_1.jpg  photo IMG_3076_1.jpg  photo IMG_3077_1.jpg

 photo IMG_3078_1.jpg

Sheldon nailed his speech and we had a blast dancing at the reception.

 photo IMG_3085_1.jpg  photo IMG_3083_1.jpg  photo IMG_3081_1.jpg  photo IMG_3086.jpg  photo IMG_3082_1.jpg

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