Friday, June 14, 2013

TN trip part 2

We took the big boys to the children's museum one day. They had fun inside, but they really loved the water area outside.

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The boys got a few tattoos one night.

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Eli got hand, foot, and mouth while we were there and it was no fun. He broke out in the blisters the day before we left. He had the blisters on his hands, bottom of his feet, and around his mouth. Crocker started not feeling well either and he got sick on the way home. He broke out in blisters while we were on the road. Crocker had the blisters in his mouth and on the bottom of his feet.

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Sheldon still had to take work calls while we were traveling. After Crocker got sick, I got in the back with the little boys so I could catch vomit if I needed to. Thankfully, he only got sick once. Anyway, to try and keep Eli quiet while Sheldon was on the phone, I gave him suckers. He was so happy and really enjoyed them!

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 We had a good time in TN, minus all the sickness. The trip there and back was long and tiring and we were all glad to get home!

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