Friday, January 23, 2015

60th Birthday

Back in November, my Dad turned 60.

My mom, sister, and I planned a surprise party for him. It was a quick weekend trip, so I flew down and Sheldon stated home with the kids. My dad's brother, sister, and niece all flew in to celebrate him. The party was wonderful, he was surprised, and everyone had a great time!

   photo IMG_4253_zps858b39c1.jpg photo IMG_4257_zpsa0296ef6.jpg  photo IMG_4260_zps9d7fd07d.jpg  photo IMG_4262_zpsda51455d.jpg  photo IMG_4268_zps1d3250be.jpg  photo IMG_4276_zps30ecc98a.jpg  photo IMG_4282_zps0ae213b5.jpg  photo IMG_4286_zps761c1984.jpg  photo IMG_4291_zps87892d32.jpg  photo IMG_4297_zpsd661cbcb.jpg  photo IMG_4302_zps67982ede.jpg  photo IMG_4316_zps4a57ea76.jpg  photo IMG_4321_zps1e7a26e3.jpg  photo IMG_4326_zps44bceb02.jpg

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