Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting Older

Max is now 3 years old and Crocker is 17 months.

I like to write down things that they are doing/saying as a journal for our family.

Max has really been enjoying his school work. He has master letter recognition, 2/3 of his letter sounds, colors, all shapes, and counting. He is still working on number recognition. He is writing letters and learning how to identify beginning sounds of words. He has also started learning the pre-primer sight words.
He loves to do puzzles, color with markers, and has really started being interested in drawing. He has a small doodle pad that he loves to write letters on.
He is a bundle of energy and loves to play outside. He is so good at riding his bike and can go so fast!
He loves to drink chocolate milk (2/3 white milk and 1/2 chocolate milk) and eat fruit especially cuties. He is so good at peeling them.
His favorite show is Jake and the Neverland Pirates and had me make him a pirate vest and hat! (luckily I found a pattern online at
He loves the colors orange and green.
He does his chores with no complaining. He puts up his and Crocker's bowls/cups from the dishwasher and puts the silverware in the drawer, puts his dirty clothes in the laundry, makes his bed, and picks up his playroom.
He has stopped napping everyday. He will usually nap about 1-2 times a week. The other days he has "quiet time" in his room and looks at books in his bed.
He tells me that I am his "girlfriend". Ha!
He dresses himself everyday. I lay out the clothes I want him to wear and he completely dresses himself down to his socks and shoes.

Crocker is still into everything. I think sometimes he just roams around the house looking for something to get into.
He still likes to play in the sink.
He is learning the parts of his body (arm, leg, etc.) He has started learning his colors.
He can say a lot of words. He uses more, car, cup, dada, and please/thank you the most.
He loves Sheldon and asks for him the minute he wakes up. He watches him leave in the mornings and then cries at the door when he is gone.
He likes to watch Mickey Mouse and will watch it for a few minutes.
He loves to eat bananas and graham crackers.
He likes to color with markers like Max and is not happy if I give him crayons.
He is content to roll cars along the floor and usually has at least 1 in his hand during the day.
He has started climbing into the toy box, sitting on all of the toys, and playing.

Sheldon and I laugh so hard at night talking about the things that the boys have done/said during the day. They are truly the light of our lives and our precious babies!

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Kindly old man said...

Max. Does more around the house at three than you did when you lived here going to college :) Two very special boys. Enjoy them because they will grow up fast.

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