Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving. We decided not to travel, but to stay home and spend time together. I cooked a traditional lunch and we all enjoyed it! We played games, watched movies, colored, played outside, and went to the movies. Grandpa Mark came in for a few days and we all loved getting to visit with him!

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Max fixed our chalkboard door. It says, "Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and everyone in my family."
He does such a good job sounding out words and I love his spelling!

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They had a Pilgrim and Indian feast at school. They lined the hallways with tablecloths and the Pilgrims and Indians sat together and enjoyed a meal. Max's class were the Pilgrims. He was super disappointed at first because he wanted to be an Indian, but he was able to enjoy it anyway.

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I was even able to talk Sheldon into taking the kids to see Frozen. It was such a cute cute movie!!! It was Eli's first movie and I think he was just there for the snacks. He ate popcorn, candy, and a sucker. He did so good and didn't even try to get out of his seat.
Crocker obviously did not want his picture taken. ha!

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Granny Kaye said...

Gotta love these babies! So cute!!!

Can't wait for hugs and kisses soon!!! 15 days and counting down!!! xoxoxo

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