Monday, October 1, 2012

Fun Weekend

My mom and aunt flew in to celebrate Crocker's birthday. They flew in over the weekend and we went down to greet them at the airport.

I have said it many times, but I am so thankful we have 3 good travelers. It is so nice to just pack up in the car and go.

Max and Crocker were entertained by the ipad for most of the ride. After a little while, Crocker drifted off to sleep and his hatfell down over his eyes.

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So, we were almost to the airport and my mom called and they missed their connecting flight and were stuck in Atlanta. They were able to get on another flight arriving 3 hours later.

So, we went to lunch, Sheldon did a little work stuff, we went to Target, Starbucks, and went back to the airport. My aunt had fallen on the escalator at the Atlanta airport and earned a wheelchair for the rest of the day.


We have been having a great visit so far. The boys love the extra attention they are getting. We even had a pretend birthday party for Max. His birthday is next week, so we had a party while our family was here to celebrate.
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