Sunday, May 1, 2011


Our family has been extremely blessed to have moved to the area that we live in now. We love our house, neighborhood, and everyone is so friendly. It is a big contrast to where we were living in Houston and the people that we encountered.

These pictures span over a couple of weeks, but they are things that I want to remember.

We signed on our home on a Friday and drove over to look inside. Sheldon is unlocking the door. He is a proud homeowner!

We had to wait until Monday for our furniture to be delivered. Max and Crocker were so happy when they started seeing their outside toys come off the truck!

They didn't even need toys though. Max quickly learned where the water hose hook up is and turned the water on for them to play in.

By Tuesday, we were fully unpacked. All we had left to do was hang pictures. I was able to cook dinner for the 1st time in our new house. I made onion chicken tenders, green beans, and mashed potatoes.

After dinner on Tuesday, the boys played outside. They are basically living outside and we are loving our new yard!
Max tried to climb this little tree.

Sheldon started back to work on Wednesday, but came home to hang pictures that night. Max was his helper.

We wanted to hang something on the wall by the stairs and I wondered how we would get something up there. Sheldon took matters into his own hands.

The boys love love to play outside. They love to ride bikes and play chalk. Max thinks he is so big because we are letting him ride his bike 2 houses down to where the cove ends.

Sheldon has a new baby and is really babying the lawn. He is watering it like crazy. It was so warm one day, we let the boys play in the sprinkler.

Crocker did not like it and would cry when the water would hit him.

Max is still doing wonderfully in his homeschool. We are going to start reading within the next few weeks. He can write all of his letters pretty well, so I had him write his name on the step outside. HE did so well! He did it all himself and messed up just 1 letter.

We have been looking for a church in town and have visited a couple. Today we went to church and felt so welcome and it was so nice. The boys just walked in and went to their classes like they had been attending for awhile. I was so surprised because I was expecting a little anxiety and tears from them.  Sheldon and I were able to go to Sunday School and the church service. We even stayed after church for a youth fundraiser lunch and auction.  Sheldon bid on golf products and we bid on a girl to come and babysit for us one night.
Our biggest prayer when moving was that we would find a church to attend and get involved in. I cannot tell you how often we have prayed that prayer. Today we were blessed to find a church to attend with other young parents, friends for the boys to play with, and a good pastor.

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Darlene said...

I can't tell you what a blessing this is. So very happy for you.
Much love to all, Gma

Sheldon was always a speed demon on his bike. Looks like he is keeping in practice. :-)

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