Saturday, May 14, 2011

T Ball

Max has started playing t ball. They have a team of 3-4 year old kids. They just learn how to play the game and play against each other.
Max was so so excited! He could not wait until it was time to go. He got his bag ready and was excited to go and play.

He had to go show Sheldon his bag!

Crocker had a bag too, but his was filled with snacks and drinks.

Sheldon and I had to each get a picture with our ball player.

Then, we went outside for another picture. Max was ready to go at this point!

We got to the ball field and they had quite a turn out.

Some of the parents went out to help. Sheldon and Max played 1st base.

Max was telling Sheldon all about how to run the bases.

Crocker and I sat on the bleachers and he had his snack.

The 1st kid went up to bat and Max was looking pretty serious.

He was quite busy running after the ball and throwing it back to the coach.

This little girl got to 1st base and her and Max started holding hands. ha!

Max finally got a turn to bat.

He did so good and ran to 1st base.

After the "game" all the kids huddled up around the coach. It was so cute!

Halfway through the game Max yelled to me that he was hungry. ha! He had to have a snack as soon as the practice was over.

Max loved loved playing ball. He can hardly wait for next week for practice!


Granny Kaye said...

My precious "Little Babe Ruth!" Good job Max Man!! Very faithful supporter on the bleachers, too!!

Nana said...

Max, you a such a good ball player! Hit a home run for Nana!
Love you!!

other gpa said...

good job. looking good out there.

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