Friday, May 6, 2011

No News

We really have not had much going on. Sheldon is working, the boys and I are schooling and playing, and we are going to church.

Max and I made drop cookies one day. He is really getting to be a big help in the kitchen. He loves to pour and stir.

Crocker was there for the picture taking.

Crocker is still so so happy when Sheldon comes home. He is just bursting out skin to get to his daddy.

The hardware store in town gave us 2 small trees to plant. Max was so excited and got his working glasses out.

I have been organizing and getting things just right in our home. I went to Walmart and bought the clear containers to put all of my flour and such in. I still need to get out my vinyl cutter and label them.

Sheldon dressed Crocker one day. I am really loving the high white socks!

I guess this is what you do when you are a boy and too busy playing and need to go to the bathroom. I see this quite often in our backyard!

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marking his territory

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