Monday, January 8, 2007

Back to Work

Today was Sheldon's 1st day back to work. He had to get up at 5:00am. They did not have PT today. They had a 6:30am work call. I got up with him and made him breakfast. I made grits, toast, and orange juice. We talked while he ate breakfast and then he got ready to leave. I had packed his lunch last night, so I got that ready. I packed him lasagna, vegetables and ranch dip, an orange, and a coke. I also sent an extra thing of lasagna for Bertino to eat. Then, he left and I went back to sleep. I had to wake up at 8. I got ready and then I had errands to run. I went on post to register my car and then went to the bank. Then, I went to my orientation at AASU. There were about 50-75 student teachers there. It was a pretty informative meeting. I have to teach 10 full days at each placement with 5 of the days being consecutive. So, 1 full week and then 5 more days. I am ready to start tomorrow in 1st grade! Well, here is a picture of Sheldon on his first day back to work!!! There are also some pictures of Sheldon's beard before he had to save to go to work!

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