Saturday, July 28, 2012

I recently learned about the blogger app for my phone, so I am blogging from the road!
We are headed back to TX from a 2 week stay in TN. Even though we had to go under not great circumstances, we still managed to have a good time. The boys had fun having sleepovers, playing with cousins, and being spoiled by everyone they saw! They also went to church, played Spiderman, read books, and snuggled!
They have been on a sugar high for 2 weeks from all the candy, gum, and snacks they have had. Crocker helped himself to a piece of gum the other morning and got it all over his belly.
They are going to be sad when we get home and the degrandparenting begins and Mommy's rules come back. I am anticipating a lot of time outs and the word "no" being said a lot!
Eli has been so so fussy the last few days. He has a tooth coming in and in a few of the pictures, he is in tears.
We have all missed Sheldon and are so excited to see him. He sent me flowers earlier in the week and I know he is ready for us to get home.

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