Monday, July 2, 2012

Last week, we had a long week. We decided it was time to potty train Crocker.

I went to the store and loaded up on candy and underwear. I only got a 3 pack of underwear and it was not enough. I had to have Sheldon stop on his way home from work and buy more.

We do 3 day potty training. We do not go anywhere for a week and go straight to underwear. It makes for a very long week, but Max and Crocker both have become completely trained in a week.

So by the end of the 1st day, I was ready to put him back into diapers. I texted Sheldon a picture of poop all over the floor and told him how great things were going! It was bad. The 2nd day and 3rd day were great. He started to get it and things were great.

He ate a lot of candy. Max did too and was happy that Crocker was potty training. 


Since we were at home all week, we played a lot of puzzles and watched a lot of movies.  We kept him upstairs all week, so if he had an accident it was on the wood/tile and not on carpet.

He did so so well and at the end of the week, we had a "Potty Party"! He is fully potty trained and is such a big boy!


Granny Kaye said...

Way to Go! Way to Go!! Way to Go!!!

Good Job Crocker!!!

other gpa said...

do not want to go thru that again LOL, congratulations Crocker, great job Mom

Gma said...

Good job Crocker.......and Mama!!!

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