Thursday, July 5, 2012

We had a great great 4th of July! We went to a small town near where we live to go to their parade.
We attempted a family shot while we were there.


I kept Eli back in the shade and Sheldon took the big boys up to sit on the curb to watch the parade. Their favorite part was all the floats throwing out candy. We brought quite the stash home.

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While Eli and I were watching the parade, I looked over at my left side and saw my mom and dad coming through the crowd! I was so surprised to see them, but they had flown in to spend a few days with us. Sheldon was in on the secret, but the boys and I were so surprised.


After the parade, we went to eat lunch and then shopped around a little.
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We came back to our house and Grampy gave the boys water squirters that one of my friends from TN sent.  Of course, they loved them and quickly turned them into guns. They are all about hunting and shooting these days.

We stayed around home, the boys look late naps, and we are dinner. Then we went to watch the fireworks. All the boys got out and sat outside of the car. Photobucket
My mom and I were able to stay in the car with Eli and still enjoy the fireworks. Photobucket
 Crocker came to the car pretty soon because he was scared, but he enjoyed the fireworks from Nanny's lap.

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Gma said...

Jenny ~~ Looks like fun and what a great surprise! I would like to have an email copy of the 'family shot' for my pictures album. Love, Gma

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