Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Celebrations

The boys have had a busy few days talking about and celebrating Easter.

The decorated crosses with stickers depicting the resurrection of Christ.

We dyed eggs one night.

We were so glad that Grandpa came up to visit and spend Easter weekend with us.

Max took his egg dying very seriously.

Our finished eggs.

We also made Easter story cookies.
They used spoons to hit the pecans as a reminder that Jesus was beaten.

Each step had a scripture that went with it to tell the story.

Max put the sugar in to resemble how sweet it is that Jesus loves us.

The boys taped up the oven and we are excited to see the cookies on Easter morning.

We have also been working through the Resurrection Eggs. They are wonderful and really break the Holy Week story down for little ones. Max is so smart and can tell us all about what is in each egg.

They boys have loved opening the eggs for their afternoon snacks.

After dinner, we gave the boys their baskets. They were excited and loved their movies and books!

After they opened their baskets, we took a few pictures.

Then, we had an egg hunt. Max loved loved it and we hid eggs twice! He was running all over the yard looking for eggs!

Max with his and Crocker's egg hunt finds.

Crocker was not interested in egg hunt at all and decided to hang out with Popcorn while Max was running all over the yard!

We had such a wonderful weekend and are thankful to serve a risen Lord!

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