Thursday, September 4, 2014

Granny Visit/ Trip to TN

Towards the end of July, Granny Kaye came for a visit. We were so excited to pick her up from the airport. While she was here we went swimming, to the movies, and played games.

   photo IMG_3656_zps844b92de.jpg  photo IMG_3659_zpsb8734cd9.jpg  photo IMG_3654_zps4abd77d7.jpg  photo IMG_1563_zpsca5ec727.jpg  photo IMG_3675_zps0989c115.jpg  photo IMG_3696_zps04eef7b6.jpg

Sheldon and I were even able to sneak out for an overnight date. We went with another couple and had a blast!

   photo IMG_3680_zps80f5156f.jpg  photo IMG_3679_zps79048cc3.jpg  photo IMG_3681_zpsa10d7c63.jpg  photo IMG_3685_zps84718cbf.jpg

After Sheldon and I got back. The kids, Granny, and I hit the road. We drove to TN and stayed 2 weeks. We played hard and had a great time! We celebrated Max, Crocker, and my mom's birthday. We went to the bounce house, went on walks,  and had fun visiting.

   photo IMG_3699_zpsef8e0dfb.jpg photo IMG_3703_zps977628f2.jpg  photo IMG_3704_zpsa56397a9.jpg  photo IMG_4030_zps72021ba4.jpg  photo IMG_4041_zpsec7188ec.jpg  photo IMG_4053_zps8ed20ce0.jpg  photo IMG_4069_zps376a399e.jpg  photo IMG_4090_zpsd53af671.jpg  photo IMG_3737_zps2bbf1915.jpg  photo IMG_3742_zps2eb4a4ce.jpg  photo IMG_3744_zps58aae894.jpg  photo IMG_3729_zps6232e6ba.jpg  photo IMG_4104_zps094db4d7.jpg  photo IMG_4105_zps7588f419.jpg  photo IMG_4109_zps4b4fef8f.jpg  photo IMG_3767_zps82ecfcd9.jpg  photo IMG_4123_zps3a2d025b.jpg  photo IMG_4127_zpsd32d541e.jpg  photo IMG_4147_zpsec03747c.jpg  photo IMG_4181_zps968d93ef.jpg  photo IMG_4159_zps5e7d1fea.jpg  photo IMG_4167_zps8a990620.jpg  photo IMG_3776_zps8c042238.jpg  photo IMG_4215_zps5ab48bdf.jpg  photo IMG_4208_zps3727df6f.jpg  photo IMG_4222_zpscf48ff5e.jpg  photo IMG_4223_zps0e105211.jpg

We were all so sad to have to leave, but we were excited to see Sheldon! Eli couldn't wait to hug his Daddy.

   photo IMG_3791_zps30969bd5.jpg photo IMG_3793_zpsadb35c2e.jpg  photo IMG_3794_zps5d208be0.jpg  photo IMG_3795_zps941bd054.jpg

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