Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Disney- Day 2- Hollywood Studios

We headed out for Hollywood Studios bright and early Monday morning. We met Donald and Daisy. The kids had fun getting their autograph.

   photo IMG_3689_zps48e9f476.jpg photo wd051wdw201417489703065_zps3483ed3c.jpeg  photo IMG_3682_zps9c9d4c36.jpg  photo IMG_3679_zps6d5404d2.jpg

We headed inside for a day of fun!
   photo IMG_1139_zps899a96ef.jpg photo IMG_1120_zps9eb1c49a.jpg  photo IMG_1119_zps60876e7c.jpg  photo IMG_1129_zps83991cf0.jpg  photo IMG_1126_zps68a738ac.jpg  photo IMG_1124_zpscbe54731.jpg  photo IMG_3710_zps3afb4ac2.jpg  photo IMG_3711_zps795ea307.jpg  photo IMG_2850_zps689cd98c.jpg  photo IMG_3504_zps7a87bc36.jpg  photo wd054wdw201417489706222_zps56840bc5.jpeg  photo wd057wdw201417489710641_zps22faf5f9.jpeg  photo IMG_3699_zps445ad1d4.jpg  photo IMG_3502_zps96f764b7.jpg  photo wd058wdw201417489868095_zps37911da4.jpeg  photo wd066wdw201417489892543_zps5a141842.jpeg  photo wd005wdw201417489892359_zps1776a20b.jpeg  photo wd006wdw201417489891992_zps1698c410.jpeg  photo wd026wdw201417489950680_zpsffdc5705.jpeg

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