Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Disney- Day 6- Chef Mickey's/ Downtown Disney

On Friday, we had a character breakfast first thing. The kids were all super excited, but I think Eli was the most thrilled. This was the best part of the trip for him and he was beside himself to see Mickey, Minnie, and the gang.

   photo wd046wdw201417891281344_zps2173ddf9.jpeg photo IMG_1463_zpsc26b01df.jpg  photo IMG_1498_zps66481869.jpg  photo IMG_1491_zps8b3d0a41.jpg  photo IMG_1488_zps45d06b52.jpg  photo IMG_1485_zpse5a4a986.jpg  photo IMG_1483_zps43071480.jpg  photo IMG_1481_zps2ca4fc20.jpg  photo IMG_1475_zpsf1f69afa.jpg

 photo IMG_1528_zps51468fa2.jpg  photo IMG_1516_zps1ed741b7.jpg  photo IMG_1512_zpsad2fc793.jpg  photo IMG_1501_zpsca2091f5.jpg

After our breakfast, we headed to Downtown Disney to walk around and do our shopping. We had held the kids off from any souvenirs, so we wanted to let them pick a few things out.

   photo IMG_3525_zpsacae32fa.jpg photo IMG_1532_zps89532343.jpg  photo IMG_1535_zps31c2db9b.jpg  photo IMG_1533_zps736a9ac3.jpg  photo IMG_3527_zps09a42d7f.jpg  photo IMG_1534_zpsba569c56.jpg  photo IMG_3535_zps0c7b2877.jpg  photo IMG_3532_zps74c3ea0e.jpg  photo IMG_3529_zps40b4e42a.jpg  photo IMG_3536_zps9174b845.jpg

We came back to our hotel and played games and had fun until times to say our goodbyes and head to bed.
   photo IMG_3030_zps577519bc.jpg

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