Thursday, September 4, 2014

Disney World 2014- getting there

My parents surprised everyone with a trip to Disney World for Christmas last year. We went in June and it was a blast! I have so so many pictures that I am going to have to break up into day by day posts. Sheldon, the boys, and I flew down on a Saturday. Our flight was super early, so we spent the night in the city.

   photo IMG_3466_zpsec447ba2.jpg

 We got up and the kids put on their Disney clothes and we were off to the airport.

   photo IMG_3473_zps3a9b0e13.jpg photo IMG_3474_zpsc2df019c.jpg

Eli was my seat partner and he was so good on the plane. He did have one moment during the 2nd flight, but it was nothing a seat change couldn't fix.

   photo IMG_3475_zps6a75322d.jpg photo IMG_3476_zpsab2d6288.jpg

 We got to the Orlando airport and saw Mickey. The kids were super excited.

   photo IMG_3477_zps0fdc50e9.jpg

 We were the 1st ones to arrive at our hotel, so we had a little time to explore.

   photo IMG_3491_zps4089c01f.jpg

We met up with everyone.
   photo IMG_2757_zps999543a0.jpg

Then our groceries for the week were delivered. We had a lot of snacks for the 11 of us. By the end of the week, there were very few things left!

   photo IMG_3578_zpsf7baba4f.jpg

We all went to bed early to get ready for the Magic Kingdom the next day!

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