Monday, September 8, 2014

Disney- Day 1- Magic Kingdom

We arrived at the Magic Kingdom early so we could see the welcome train come into the park. The kids (and adults) were so so excited and it really got everyone ready for the day.

   photo IMG_3586_zpseafe1ccb.jpg photo IMG_1059_zps6283ceb9.jpg  photo IMG_1062_zps5f005554.jpg  photo IMG_1063_zpsb1531bbd.jpg  photo IMG_1064_zps1d0f3608.jpg  photo IMG_1060_zps24c0d983.jpg  photo IMG_1065_zps05dee766.jpg  photo IMG_1069_zps590d14b2.jpg  photo IMG_1068_zps8860d6b6.jpg

The men and big boys took off to try and ride a new roller coaster that had just opened up. It had a terrible wait, so we all met up at Dumbo.

   photo IMG_1072_zps69df34dc.jpg photo IMG_1070_zps525119de.jpg

We spent the morning riding rides and having fun!

   photo IMG_1074_zps94942bf0.jpg photo IMG_1077_zpsf0826ad7.jpg  photo IMG_1078_zpse06bd3f1.jpg  photo IMG_1076_zps24431e1a.jpg  photo IMG_1079_zpsaeef8dd7.jpg  photo IMG_1084_zps90201cf8.jpg  photo IMG_1083_zps19efc6f7.jpg  photo IMG_1087_zps494006fc.jpg  photo IMG_1089_zps10533c05.jpg  photo IMG_1092_zpsaec6d1b8.jpg  photo IMG_1091_zpsbe99add5.jpg  photo IMG_1090_zps57990aaa.jpg  photo IMG_1088_zps323cc828.jpg  photo IMG_1095_zps47ff5c0b.jpg  photo MagicKingdom70_zpsd2138255.jpeg  photo MagicKingdom71_zpsd0e7c23b.jpeg

We all went back to our hotel to rest and came back to the park for more fun and the evening parade.

  photo MagicKingdom78_zpsddcffcf3.jpeg photo MagicKingdom61_zps8f1805e5.jpeg  photo MagicKingdom58_zps55ab5788.jpeg  photo MagicKingdom60_zps8c8ef68d.jpeg  photo IMG_1100_zps0579e53f.jpg  photo IMG_1113_zps35414778.jpg  photo IMG_1104_zpsa39bd9fa.jpg

We all had an amazing day and were ready for a good nights rest!

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