Monday, April 1, 2013

Surgery Day

Last Wednesday Eli had a minor surgery to put in ear tubes. He was such a trooper and was such a good boy all day.
Sheldon and I were extremely nervous about the 2.5 hour drive to the hospital. Our big hang up was that Eli could not eat or drink after midnight. We went back and forth about just staying in a hotel or leaving from home super early. We finally decided that everyone would just do much better at home and in their normal routine. We had to get up at 4am and we left at 4:45. Eli was so perfect on the way to the hospital. We had envisioned him screaming and being so upset, but he just looked around and then fell asleep.

We got to the surgical center and they took us right back. Eli was able to stay in his pj's, so that made him more comfortable with everything.

 photo IMG_0834_zpsb0952421.jpg  photo IMG_0836_zps6ee406a4.jpg

We decided to take the big boy with us and they were happy to get to play games.

 photo IMG_0833_zps54375cf4.jpg

Eli's surgery and recovery time was about 45 minutes. Then, they let us come back and see him. He was so happy to have a drink and then they let us take him home.

We go back this week for a follow up, but so far everything seems to be going great. He is not pulling at his ear anymore and is just all around happier.

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