Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Week

Last Saturday, I had to be gone all day. Sheldon had all 3 boys at home and did great taking them to all of their activities. I try to make it easier on him and write him out a list of when Eli naps, eats, when the boys need to be at their activities, etc.

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Crocker loves to take pictures and most of the time they are doozies.

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Last week, the power went out early one morning. I loaded up the boys and we headed to the city. Luckily, the power came back on after a few hours. The big boys picked out some sunglasses and were thrilled.

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We bought Eli a couple of snack cups, but mostly Crocker just hands Eli the snack. I think it is probably more like Crocker eats 2 or 3 and Eli might get one.

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Max was out of school a couple of days this week and our upstairs looked like a train wreck most of the time. The boys have a lot of toys downstairs, but they all like to play and congregate wherever I am.

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Sheldon's birthday was this past week and the big boys wanted to have a party. They colored a pendant banner and we had a fun camo party.

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Eli woke up Thursday morning with pinkeye and I about died. I hate hate pinkeye and it was not fun to have to wrestle him down to give him eye drops. Thankfully, he is looking much better!

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