Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our Week

We have been pretty busy the past week. Over the weekend, we finally started painting the house and Sheldon tilled up the yard and planted grass seed. We also threw in a date night, a soccer game, and fun with friends into the mix.

The weather has been so crazy here, so we have been taking advantage of the time we can spend outside. Max made a "swing".

 photo IMG_0998_zpsdc7e1586.jpg

We have lived in our house for 2 years and we finally painted our bedroom. We are in the process of gathering colors and samples for the rest of the house.

 photo IMG_1015_zps45d48631.jpg

Eli continues his love affair with the vacuum and drags it out of the laundry room whenever he gets the chance.
 photo elivac_zpsd46341c9.jpg
Sheldon and I got a sitter for a few hours on Saturday. We had the best time going furniture shopping and out to eat.
  photo dater_zps0c1cf92c.jpg

School was out here on Monday, so we went with some friends to see a new dinosaur exhibit. It was in an airplane museum, so the boys were in heaven looking at all the planes. Crocker was scared to death looking at the dinosaurs. They all moved, roared, and looked lifelike.

 photo IMG_1040-1_zps97920e38.jpg  photo IMG_1044-1_zpsef5e6f3d.jpg  photo IMG_1047_zps43157370.jpg

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